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Body Lotion with Tamarind Seed Extracts and Lip Balm without Bees Wax from Organic Harvest - Review

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Hope you are all doing good. I am writing this post after almost 6 months!!!! I knew that it was a really long gap but I will make sure not to repeat this again :) So, I am back with the most interesting product reviews again....yayyy!!! This time it's a new brand for me. I have neither talked about the brand earlier in any of my posts nor used any product from this brand earlier. And the brand name is "Organic Harvest"

I have received two products from them in the mid of December 2017 and using those till now. So, the first product is a Body Lotion and the second one is a Lip Balm. So, let's jump into the review of these two products and know more about the ingredients used.

About Organic Harvest:

In their words: "Organic skincare is an incredible concept that reflects healthy lifestyle since the products are derived from plants that have been grown without chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, making them skin friendly. Organic Harvest is the first Indian homegrown brand which has an entire range of organic skin care, body care, and hair care products to offer to its consumers. The brand was launched in June 2013 after a thorough R&D of over two years. Global organizations like EcoCert, OneCert & Nature have certified the ingredients and raw materials that we use in our products which are free from any harsh chemicals, Parabens, Phthalates, mineral oil, PABA, petrolatum, paraffin or animal ingredients. 

Being one of the very few domestic players among a host of international brands, and also the first one to offer a complete range of products, has helped us in quickly capturing the attention of the target audience. Apart from the excellent quality of our products, our competitive pricing has resulted in a steady increase in repeat and referral customers merely seven months since the launch of the brand. 
We are targeting all those who believe in the concept of “safe skin” and who want to be-you-tiful, which signifies being beautiful while being you. Our products are conceived using eco-friendly practices without any harsh chemicals being used. This keeps the skin miles away from damage, exactly what our target customers are looking for."

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Organic Harvest Body Lotion Review:

The first thing that immediately grabbed my attention after seeing this was a line written on the package: "with Tamarind Seeds Extract". I seriously had no clue that tamarind seeds can be used in beauty products. So let's check how does this lotion worked for me as I received this in peak winters where my skin used to become dry and scaly.

Product Description: Pamper your body with this lightweight hydrating lotion that reduces skin sensitivity. Containing natural moisturizing actives obtained from tamarind seeds, this marvel body lotion improves skin hydration and reduces skin roughness. It seeps deep into your skin to help repair the natural moisture deficiency in dry, dehydrated areas while handling the vital jobs of hydrating, energizing and protecting your skin.

Ingredients: Aqua, Tamarind Seeds Extract, Certified organic Sorbitan Olivate (emulsifier made from Olive Oil) and perfume in a Cream base. No Color Added.

How to Use: Apply liberally and evenly all over the body, ideally after a shower or bath on damp skin for supple, soft skin.

Price: Rs. 695/- for 100ml

Shelf life: 2years

Availability: You can directly buy from their official website mentioned above or from Amazon

My Experience with this Body Lotion:

I have been using this for last 2 months and I must say, this lotion is just amazing. The packaging is very attractive and comes in a pump bottle which is very easy to use. It also comes with a stopper kind of thing at the neck of the pump. Hence it is travel-friendly as it won't leak even a single drop of the lotion. The consistency is creamy and the lotion comes in white color. The fragrance of the lotion is so addictive and it stays strong up to 5-10mins after application.

This lotion is not heavy or oily like some other lotions which are used in the winter. It had made my skin smooth and gave a velvet finish to it. Even in the peak winters, I have not experienced any dryness or rough patches on my body, a big Thanks to the lotion. This is because of the active ingredient, Tamarind Seed. This tangy tropical fruit is a powerhouse of antioxidants, flavonoids and vitamin C and A, which help fight against the formation of free radicals. Tamarind, when applied on skin, soothes irritation and inflammation. It lightens the skin and reduces dark spots and pigmentation. Tamarind also makes the skin radiant and smooth.  Isn't it amazing??

  • Not greasy like many body lotions
  • Gives a silky smooth skin
  • Stays for a longer period of time if not washed off
  • Fragrance is so good
  • Travel-friendly packaging
  • Free of parabens, mineral oil and animal ingredients
Cons: I didn't find any. Maybe some people feel that the price is on the higher side.

Verdict: Best for the winter season and can be used even in summer also as it is not greasy.

Organic Harvest Lip Balm Review:

Product Description: A rich, natural moisturizing lip balm made with hydrating lanolin and natural wax, helps in retaining water, providing long-lasting moisturization, and removing blackness and dead skin cells.

Ingredients: Organically certified lanolin( derived from the oil in sheep's wool), BHT & food grade pomegranate flavor.

How to use: You can apply it by closing your lips together like you are going to kiss something, or simply smile with your lips closed, and apply the dome to both of your lips at the same time.

Price: Rs.199/- for 10gm

Availability: Can be purchased directly from official website and also from Amazon

My Experience with this lip balm:

Lip balms are the must-have products irrespective of the season to protect our lips. This lip balm comes in sphere shaped container and doesn't have any tint to it which means it doesn't add any color to our lips but it moisturizes the lips well. But remember to exfoliate the lips at least twice a week to avoid dry lips. Then only any lip balm can do its job. I haven't felt any hint of pomegranate flavor as mentioned in the ingredients list. But it tasted somewhat like artificial candies available on the market. Overall it's a decent enough lip balm which will not work on heavily chapped lips.

Verdict: If you want to add another lip balm to your collection, then you can buy it because of its cute looks. 

Hope you all enjoyed these reviews about the products from Organic Harvest and found them useful.

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