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9 Beauty Hacks Using Baby Products

Babies have delicate skin that is prone to rashes, irritation and dryness so skincare products designed for newborns are usually free of chemicals, dyes and fragrances. But baby skin care isn't limited to only babies. Many dermatologists actually recommend these formulas to their adult patients also.

After having a baby, I realized that while they don’t come only with candies, babies have plenty of steal-worthy items!!!! hahaha. It’s true that sometimes classifying a product as “baby product” is just a way to get you to buy something you don’t need or is pricier than necessary. These baby products can replace many of our adult items, thus saving money. Additionally, baby products are almost always formulated to be gentle so there can be no side effects.

In this post, we shall discuss some baby products which are great for beauty care and can be added to our daily routine if needed or can be used as substitutes for originals when necessary.

1. Baby oil:

As part of our beauty routine, Eyeliner and mascara are hard to take off from your eyes at night. But, baby oil is slick enough to take your color pigments right from your lashes. Swab an ear bud into the oil, and gently rub it against your eyelids. Just massage the leftover oil around your eyes.

2. Baby wipes:

If you run out of makeup remover wipes, baby wipes could be a good alternative. We recommend going for fragrance-free or those made for sensitive skin and also the baby versions tend to be cheaper comparatively.

3. Baby powder:

When you do not have time to shampoo your hair, you can sprinkle some baby powder on your greasy hair to have a smooth, fresh and oil-free look. Also, a Baby powder can be used to fix your makeup. To have a grease-free look, simply dab a tiny amount on your face and neck after wearing foundation. You can also pat a little amount of powder on eyelids before applying your eye shadow for a smoother and longer-lasting effect.

5. Nipple cream for Chapped lips:

This one might be a little weird but bear its true. Using Nipple cream gives you shiny, supple, soft lips. Although this isn’t exactly for the baby usage and mostly for a breastfeeding momma, it should be safe for us too. Apply a good amount before you go to sleep, and when you wake up the next morning wipe off the dead skin.

6. Diaper rash cream:

It is a great remedy for the extra-sensitive and rash-prone skin. It relieves you a lot in hot summers, Usually, we get rashes on inner thighs in summer due to sweat and tight clothes. This diaper cream soothes those rashes and helps to recover very soon. 

7. Diapers make surprisingly effective heat and ice packs:

Did you know a new disposable diaper makes a fabulous hot or cold pack!! To use it as the hot pack, heat some water on the stove and simply pour hot water into a new disposable diaper and let it soak in. You can also reheat your diaper hot pack in the microwave when it cools off. To use your disposable diaper as an ice pack, pour ice cold water in the diaper or just pour normal water in your diaper and put it in the freezer.  

8. Gripe water can soothe an adult’s upset stomach:

Some kind of gas troubles and hard stomach problems can be relieved by using infant gripe water for adults too.

9. Baby lotion:

Baby lotions are one of the best non-sticky and non-greasy options you can have for a soft and smooth skin. Moreover, they form a protective layer on the skin guarding it against irritation and dryness. People with extra sensitive skin can always find this as a very good option.

I also wanted to share the fact about this baby oral solution along with the above products.

Pedialyte may help cure a hangover!!!!
Pedialyte, a liquid meant for dehydrated infants suffering from vomiting and diarrhea, also works wonders after a long night of partying. Have a look at what people say here.

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Let us know how many of the products are you already using and how many did you felt useful. Also, add some new hacks if you know any in comments as we would always love to hear from you.

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