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**New Launch Alert** French Green Clay & Ylang Ylang Oil Face Wash from Greenberry Organics - Review

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Hope you are all doing good! Summer is here already and our dearest Sun has already started showing his power. Just like in winters, even now also we need to worry about our skin (*phew*sad truth). But no more worries as Greenberry Organics(GBO) has launched their new products to handle the summer heats thus making you ready for the summer. Yayyy!! Thanks to the team.

You all know my love for GBO's products from my previous blog and social media posts. If you are a new visitor here, feel free to check my previous reviews on GBO's products here: Cocoa Butter Hand and Body Lotion & Mud Ash 3 in 1 Face Care. Now they have launched 4 new products keeping summers in mind. Here is the list of newly launched products:
  1. French Green Clay & Ylang Ylang Oil Natural Face Wash (Normal to Oily Skin)
  2. Honey, Hops and Turmeric Natural Face Wash (Normal to Dry & Sensitive Skin)
  3. Charcoal & Spearmint Oil Summer Blast Body Wash Gel With Vitamin E Oil 
  4. Cocoa Butter Hand and Body Lotion for Summers with SPF 12

Today I am going to review about one among the newly launched products, i.e, French Green Clay and Ylang Ylang Oil Natural Face wash for oily skin. Let's jump into the review without any delay.

About Greenberry Organics:

 In their words: "Greenberry Organics are makers of fresh, natural and handmade cosmetics assorted in small batches to ensure purity and authenticity. Our makers and founders have ensured that the production of each of our categories is made in small batches to make it relevant, fresh and genuine. GBO remains eco-conscious in its approach to creating a sustainable planet as well as fair wages to our sources and vendors who strive hard to ensure quality ingredients which into the making of each batch. We are young and understand the needs of millennials creating a fusion among core traditional values and modern sciences. Enjoy nature's finest products made fresh just for you!"

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French Green Clay & Ylang Ylang Oil Natural Face Wash (Normal to Oily Skin):

Product Description: 

Summers and oily skin are a disfavouring issue and we are working towards taking this problem off your plate. Replete with the goodness of Ylang Ylang, this solution is the soothing addition to your kitty. An excellent calming agent, the oil of Ylang Ylang leaves you with a relaxed skin that might otherwise become shriveled and languished with exposure to sun and heat. The hydrating property of Aloe Vera replenishes the necessary moisture without clogging your pores or caking your skin. Add to that the exfoliating property of Green Clay and your skin gets rid of all the excess oil while leaving it cool and doused.

Ingredients: Aqua, Sulfate and Paraben free Surfactant, Aloe Vera extracts, Ylang Ylang oil, French Green Clay.

  • The oil of Ylang Ylang is so calming, it was a part of the bathing rituals of royalties during the medieval period.
  • Aloe Vera gel is the answer to all your skin issues.
  • Green Clay exfoliates the skin along with healing it.

Shelf Life: 24 months from the date of manufacturing. After opening, use it before 6 months.

Price: Rs. 599/- (currently it's on offer and available for Rs. 399/-)

Availability: Buy this product directly from Amazon.

***Hurry up people!!! Grab the product before offer ends***

My Experience:

I personally love GBO products and I had a great experience with their 2 products earlier and this is the 3rd one from the brand. The packaging is very cute when compared with the previous 2 products. It comes in a small transparent cute bottle(don't know why I really liked the shape of the bottle) with the pump dispenser. This pump dispenser releases a small amount of the product once. So no need to worry about the wastage of the product. The consistency is somewhat gel-like neither watery nor thick. This face wash comes in green color inside the bottle and when pumped out, it looks like a colorless aloe vera gel. The fragrance is very soothing. I seriously feel this brand takes special care on the fragrance of the products too.

Coming to the effectiveness, this product is a big hit for me. Trust me, I have a very oily skin and the oil on my facial skin forms easily within a couple of hours even in winters also. And please don't ask me about summers as I will be staying fresh only up to an hour after washing my face. After an hour or so my face will start releasing oil and within 2 hours I will end up looking like a deep fried potato(please don't laugh, it's true). My brother always teases me by saying this. This face wash is such a bliss for me as it is controlling the oil formation and my face is staying fresh till evening. Not only oil control, I feel my face is very well hydrated too. Even sometimes I forget to apply moisturizer also. 

Currently am using this twice a day and my face is feeling fresh for the entire day and I don't even feel to wash my face at least with normal water in between. A very small amount of product like 2 pumps is enough to cover your facial skin and an extra pump is required if you want to clean your neck also like me. This leaves a good foam which cleanses both my face and neck very well. It doesn't leave any kind of greasiness on the face and my face started feeling fresh soon after the first use.

  • Effectiveness of the product 
  • Packaging
  • Fragrance
  • Travel-friendly
  • Doesn't leave any greasiness
  • A bliss for people with oily skin
  • 100% Natural and Vegan
  • Against Animal Testing
  • Environment safe packaging
  • A bit Pricey. But you can always find some offers going on amazon. So grab it in a super deal.
PPD Rating: 5/5

Final Verdict: If you have an oily skin and you also suffer from the same problem like me as mentioned above, then this face wash is a must for you. Put a full stop to your oily skin problems in summer with this amazing face wash and have a fresh face throughout the day.

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