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Brilliant Microwave Hacks for easy Cooking

Many of the people reading this blog have a microwave in their house and most of them use it every day just for heating and reheating the food. Here are some pretty microwave hacks which you can use to make your cooking easier.

 1. Cutting onions with no tears:
Trim off the ends of the onions and microwave them on high for 30 seconds and start cutting now. You will no longer have tears while cutting the onions.

2. Get more juice out of your lemons or citrus fruits:
Leave lemons or limes on high power in the microwave for 20 seconds to make it super juicy and easy to squeeze. This hack even works on the limes just taken out from the fridge since they are hard to squeeze.

3. Peel the garlic Super quick:
Take a complete clove of garlic and microwave it on high for 15 seconds, the heat draws out the moisture out of the garlic clove that gets trapped between skins which in turn loosens it and this makes peeling skin easier.

4. Ease the task of peeling for juicy foods such as tomatoes and grapes using a microwave:
Heat them on high for 30 seconds and allow standing cool for 2 minutes. The peel will slip off easily.

5. Forgot to soak lentils or beans overnight:
In some recipes, beans or lentils are needed to be soaked overnight and we tend to forget that many times. No need to worry I have a hack for this too. Add a pinch of baking soda and water to lentils until they are submersed completely. Microwave for 10 minutes on high and then rest them for a couple of minutes to cool down. Wash them to remove soda and use them in your favorite recipes instantly.

6. Are your snack not crunchy?:
During winters, there is a lot of moisture in the air which makes many of our snacks such as chips softer comparatively. Place them in the microwave with a paper towel or tissue under them, this turns back them crunchy.

7. Soften Brown sugar which became hard:
If your brown sugar has turned into hard lumps then place the brown sugar lump with paper tissue beneath it. Now microwave it for 30 seconds to soften the hard lumps.

8. Soften the butter from the fridge instantly:
If you want to apply the butter which is taken just of the fridge, here is a simple hack. Take a mug of water with a pinch of salt in it and microwave in for 2 minutes. Now take the mug, drain out the water and immediately toss it with the butter and wait for 1 more minute. Now remove the mug your soften butter is ready.

9. Roast peanuts in the microwave:
Place the peanuts directly on the glass plate provided in the microwave and heat on high for 5 minutes. Don’t forget to stir and check for every 2 minutes in between.

10. Cleaning your microwave from strains and odors:
Take some water in a microwave safe bowl and squeeze a lemon in the water and drop few lemon slices in the same. Microwave on high for 3 minutes then let it stand still for 5 more minutes.Now use a paper towel to wipe off oil and odor in the microwave.

Below are my favorites Easy Microwave Recipes which both I and my son love to have. Don’t forget to try as they are super yummy.

1. Palkova in 10 minutes:
  • Condensed milk (milkmaid available in India)
  • Plain yogurt
  • Ghee 1 teaspoon
Add all together in a big microwave safe bowl and heat it for 9 minutes with splatter guard so that it does not spill off to the walls inside the microwave. Don’t forget to stir for every 2 minutes, this helps in avoiding over burning. The kova starts thickening and forms small granules in the last few minutes which is the exact texture. If you find more water you can microwave for 1 more minute. Believe me its super fast, fresh and yummy.

2. Chocolate brownie with hot chocolate fudge:
In a coffee mug, add water, butter, vanilla and dash of salt. Whisk well. Add cocoa powder, sugar, and flour one by one. Whisk every ingredient well before adding the other.
Microwave for 60 to 90 seconds. The center part of the brownie should be slightly molten. Be Careful do not to overcook. Your brownie will be ready in 2 minutes and eat it carefully as it will be hot.

Useful Microwave tools I use:

1.Idli Maker:
I use single plate directly with batter in the cups covered with the splatter guard. Microwave for 1 minute, your fresh steamed Idli's are ready. I don’t recommend you this procedure regularly, but when you are in a hurry it helps a lot. You can buy this from below link.

2. Microwave plate cover splatter guard:
Use this cover on the bowls and plates for heating or reheating. This avoids splattering on the walls inside the microwave and does not form a semi-hard layer on food while reheating.
I can provide you the link below where you can buy the same.

I hope this post helps you all in knowing some useful tips and hacks of the microwave so that you can use it effectively. Please leave your comments below.

****Most of the images used above are taken from Google Images****

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