Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Republic Day Party Ideas

Hello, Everyone!!!!

Republic Day is on cards and so we came up with the simple party ideas which will attract your little ones and also very easy to prepare, affordable too.

We usually have birthday and wedding day parties organized at home. But when we have little ones at home, we have to celebrate every occasion to make them happy and it's also important to make them understand the importance of Republic Day and our Nation. Last year, we have organized a party with many of our friends and their kids on the occasion of Independence day. Even we had so much fun while doing preparations also. So, I thought of sharing with you all these ideas as we can make the same even on Republic day also.

So in this post, we are going to share these 6 simple arrangements we made for the party.
  1. Tri-color dhokla cake
  2. Tri-color salad
  3. Patriotic skewers
  4. Tri-color custard
  5. Simple wall decor
  6. Tri-colored ribbon flowers
1. Tri-color Dhokla cake:

We all know how to make a dhokla. If you don't know, please check the link: Here
For Saffron Layer: I used half a cup of the carrot-tomato puree along with some red chilli powder.
For White Layer: I used plain Dhokla.
For Green Layer: I used some coriander-pudina chutney/paste along with green chilli.
Make these dhoklas separately in batches and place them one by one forming our flag colors. Add a generous amount of seasoning(tadka) on the top. For the extra look, I have attached a paper flag to a toothpick and inserted this tiny flag into the Tri Colored Dhokla Cake. As this cake is free from artificial food colors, you can feed this to your kids without hesitation.

2. Tri-color salad: 
We used shredded carrot, coconut and finely chopped spinach to make the flag representation which is served as a salad with some flavors.

3. Patriotic Skewers:
Uniformly cut green, orange capsicum, paneer and arrange them representing the tricolor with the help of toothpicks. Serve with mint chutney after roasting them over a pan with olive oil.

4. Tri-color Custard: I have missed taking the pictures of my tricolor custard, so I am attaching the website link here so that you people can have a look and try this: Tricolor custard

Pic is taken from site link mentioned above
5. Wall decorations:
We used small paper cut outs to make rounds which are tied together with stapler pins.

Materials Required:
  1. Color Papers - Orange, White and Green
  2. A pair of Scissors
  3. Stapler
  • Cut all the color papers into strips of the same length.
  • Take an orange color paper strip and form a round shape with it. Join the edges with help of stapler.
  • Now take the white strip and pass it through the orange round and join the edges with a stapler.
  • Take the green strip now and pass it through the white round and join the edges.
  • Repeat the same process until you are satisfied with the length of the chain.
  • We used pictures of some freedom fighters and a National Flag to complete the wall decorations.
6. Tri-colored ribbon flowers:
  • Take satin ribbons in the required 3 colors and cut them into strips uniformly.
  • Make a flower shape with the ribbons by placing them as shown in the below picture.
  • Finally, stitch a button in the middle of the flower to make it firm. 
We used the same flowers for wall decor, table decor and also pinned to our dresses as a code.

We love celebrating every occasion, especially with different ideas. So join us by subscribing to our blog for many such ideas. Post in the comments section below about your plans for this Republic Day.

Happy Republic Day!!
Jai Hind.

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  1. Really nice post. Love how easy,colourful it is and gives a patriotic feel to it.

    1. Yes, it gives that patriotic vibes. I am Glad you like it:)

  2. I just shared this with my mommy 😍😍 super cool

  3. Superrrbbb sowmya u r very creative and ur superrr mom tooo loved ur hard work

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