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Real VS Fake MAC Products

How to spot Fake and Real MAC products

Have you ever been scammed and bought fake MAC makeup? Paying so much of money and finally using fake one is very irritating. I know some people say "There isn't a difference" but trust me there is. Fake MAC doesn't last long, goes on chalky, the pigmentation is low and you don't know what this makeup was made from. It could be bad for your skin. So here are few tips when buying MAC online or anywhere other than MAC stores or their website.

Eye Shadow:

When dealing with eyeshadow online it can be tricky! If you see a color that doesn't have a name on it or says "Eyeshadow Simmer 123", then it is fake!. All MAC eyeshadows have a name such as Electric Eel, Blackberry, Bronze, Cranberry, Deep Truth etc. NO real MAC eyeshadow will say "Blue, Green, Pink".

Eye shadow palette:
  • MAC does NOT sell eye shadow palettes with like 88 colors. They usually sell small palettes, so if you see a MAC palette with 100 eyeshadows, then it is fake.Have a look on the fake ones below.
  • Mac products never ever come with the brushes.We need to buy them separately and also no mirrors will be there inside the palette if so it is a fake one for sure.Have a look on the below fake ones.

  • MAC does NOT sell brushes in sets. You have to buy MAC brushes in singles. MAC brushes have a black wooden base. Have a look on the fake brush sets below.

  • The logo on the MAC brushes can be taken off with your fingernail or by using it a few times. Fake MAC sometimes has MAC engraved onto the brush base.

  • The brushes will come in a black paper box and never have a protector to the brush like the one in below picture, If it comes like that then consider it as the Fake brush.

  • This is another hard one.They look almost identical! Real MAC gloss has a larger applicator where as the fake one have smaller ones.

  • The Real one has the clear and bold font on the sticker as "MATTE WHIRL AB5", "CANDY AD4" is a fake one. Notice both of them  ..U can make out the difference.

  • Notice the below picture, The left one is with matte finish and logo is little above the edge while the right one is with the shiny finish and logo is just above the edge.Now could you make out the real one...Yes, the left one is the fake one and the right one is the real one.

  • The Fake one when opened is going to be very powdery and the Real one always stays firm even after the use.

  •  Batch number on the fake compact looks more prominent rather than compared to real  one.The real compact has the batch number almost invisible.

  • The font on the MAC products is always thicker and clear when compared to the fake ones.

Precautions before purchasing MAC products
  • If someone is telling you that they got the MAC makeup for so cheap because they bought it from the warehouse, they're lying. MAC does not sell from the warehouse to individual people.  
  • A good idea for buying MAC online or where ever is to ALWAYS look the color up before you buy it. Make sure MAC actually makes that color and if they do compare the two colors to make sure they are the same.
  • MAC always uses a soft rounded on all their products and letters on the product are authentic.
  • If you see MAC in flea markets 99% of them are fake so I recommend you to buy only at Actual storefronts such as MAC showrooms and The brand’s official website/store (
  • AVOID buying MAC products in
    Flea markets.
    Mall kiosks.
    Grocery stores.
    EBay have more fake MAC sellers 
    Beauty supply stores and salons.

Hope this information helps you to buy the Real MAC products when you are planning for the purchase.

***Mac Compact pictures are taken from the beauty junkee website and the remaining pictures are taken from google and MAC official web site****

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