Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Eva Fresh Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm Raspberry - Review

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Who doesn't love a lip balm with color?? I love to have them in my collection. I recently got my hands on Eva Fresh Lips moisturizing lip balm Raspberry. I bought it from a local beauty store. The first thing that attracted me towards this lip balm was its color. It comes in a very cute pink colored packaging. Is there any girl on earth who doesn't love pink?? NO...right?? We all love pink color. So I couldn't resist myself and bought this cutie.

Product Description:  Eva fresh lips moisturizes, nourishes and keeps your lips fresh, smooth and soft all day long.

Directions: Apply as often as required.

Price: 130/- for 4.5g

Shelf Life: 2 yrs

My Personal experience with Eva fresh lips Moisturizing lip balm Raspberry:
This product comes in a cute little pink color tube. But the color of the lip balm is similar to that of raspberry. The lip balm applies smoothly onto the lips and the texture is light. It glides evenly and provides some moisture till the lip balm is on the lips. This lip balm fades off easily. Constant application is required. But it gives a nice color to my lips after application. The color on the lips and the moisture provided by the balm will stay for a maximum of 2 hrs.

  • Comes in attractive color and packaging.
  • Glides smoothly on the lips.
  • Gives nice color to the lips
  • No taste and No Fragrance
  • Affordable
  • Easily available
  • Fades off easily.
  • Doesn't live up to the claims of making lips soft and moisturized all-day long.
PPD Rating: 3.5/5

Final Words: I would recommend this lip balm for the people who just want some shine and color on the lips and won't mind applying it frequently. I personally like this to apply lip balm while staying at home, busy doing nothing but still want some color on my lips.

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