Monday, 12 December 2016

50-50 Duo Colored Chocolate No Bake Cookies

What could be better than the Chocolate cookies made from the ingredients you have in the house and that never needs to go into an oven? These cookies take just minutes of work. Most of the time is spent waiting for them to harden into rich, chocolaty delights that they are...
These  homemade cookies will just melt away in your mouth.
Be careful... They are addictive!!! ☺☺☺You might want to make an extra batch more.

Follow these super easy steps below to make some on your own!


·  Milk Chocolate Morsels or Chips or chocolate pieces
·  White chocolate
·  Non-Stick Parchment paper sheets
·  Salt Biscuits
·  Milk biscuits
·  Nutella
·  Peanut butter
·  Chocolate Sprinkles
·  Large tray to freeze

Step One:  Use a large tray and spread a parchment paper on the top of it. Now place some salt biscuits and milk biscuits on the sheet.

Step Two:  Apply a layer of Nutella (Hazelnut spread) on the top of these biscuits and add one more layer of respective biscuits.

Step Three:  Now for the third layer add some chocolate chips and bake them for 5 minutes to melt the chips. If u don’t have an oven no worries just use Double Boiler method to melt chocolate and prepare a semi-liquid mixture and add it as a layer.

Step Four:  Add a layer of biscuit on the top it .You can add more layers by using Peanut butter but for this recipe, I added only two toppings.

Step Five:  Microwave or use Double boiler method for both white and Milk chocolate to make a semi-liquid chocolate mixture from both. Don’t forget to stir them in between so that the chocolate does not get over burnt.

Step Six:  Take each piece of layered biscuit and dip them into White chocolate on one side and place them on the tray. Now on the top of white half add some chocolate sprinkles. This tray will go into the fridge for 10-minutes.

Step Seven: Once they are out, dip the second half into Milk chocolate and place the tray in the fridge again. After 10 minutes tasty lip smacking 50-50 Duo colored chocolate cookies are ready to eat.

The one for which we used salt biscuits is going to be salty and crunchy from inside and sweet and creamy delicious from outside.
The one for which we used milk biscuits is going to be milky, sweet and crunchy from inside and sweet and creamy delicious from outside.

Store in an airtight container so that they will be fresh and crunchy.

They can be packed and given away like treats too.


1.       Use a plastic microwave safe bowl to melt the chocolate rather than glass bowl because plastic can retain up the heat for more time.
2.       Microwave the chocolate in intervals of 15 seconds to make sure that the chocolate does not get over burnt 

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