Thursday, 8 June 2017

Photo embossing on desired surfaces

Photo transfers are a neat and pretty cheap way to get your favorite pics on the some of the coolest material around. I love to embossing pictures on different shapes of wood pieces as a super-hands-on DIY, you can really make this project your own way based on how you want your photo transfer to look – distressed or textured. This all depends on how and with what you apply Mod podge at last of the project. As told in a previous blog post that I can share you more projects on mod podge, this is one of them.
You can transfer your desired photos to make lovely gifts for friends, and they’d be fun to make with kids to...

Things required:
  • I used wooden base in this project
  • Glue medium
  • Modpodge
  • Wetcloth 

STEP 1: Put It in Reverse
Open up the photo file you want to use for this transfer in a photo-editing program and reverse it.
Why in reverse? You’re going to be laying the photo face-down on the wood surface you’re transferring it on, so you want your photo to end up facing the right way when it’s revealed on the flip side.
  1. Check that your photo is set at 300 DPI so that the picture will be clear
  2. Don’t forget to size your photo to fit on the shaped surface of your wood piece. 
STEP 2: Laser Paper Print
Get your reversed, properly-sized, 300 DPI photo printed from a laser printer on fairly thin paper
You want your photo printed on thinner paper because this’ll make it easier in Step 8 when you’re going to rub the paper fibers off.
We got double prints of our photos just in case our scissors go wrong.

STEP 3: Scissor Action
Cut out the laser-printout of your photo exactly in the dimensions of your wooden base you planned for.

STEP 4: Glue It Up
First, cover your work surface with some scrap paper.
Then take one of your brushes and use it to put on a thin layer of glue medium right on top of your photo.

STEP 5: Flatten It Out
Now, very carefully lay your photo face-down on top of your wood piece.
Once you got your photo in place, use your credit card or any laminated card to smooth out and flatten any air bubbles underneath your photo.
Wipe off any extra glue medium that seeps out of your photo’s edges as you’re smoothing it out.

STEP 6: Let It Dry
Now it’s time to let your photo transfer sit and dry for at least 8 hours. Depending on when you started this DIY, you may pick up on this project the next day.

STEP 7: Soak It Good
Once your photo transfer has been out to dry for 8 hours or so, it’s time to give it a good water-soaking.First, protect your work surface with some wet towels.Then take your towel rag and get it wet with some water.
Squeeze out excess water and press the wet rag on top of your photo transfer, making sure the photo in the transfer is completely soaked. You can also just let the wet towel sit on top of the transfer for a couple of minutes to make the task easier.

STEP 8: Rub-A-Rub!!
This part needs some patience. Use your fingers to rub off the fuzzy white paper fibers and to reveal your lovely photo underneath. Depending on how large your photo transfer is, this step may take a while.

STEP 9: Dry It Some More
You’re almost done, hooray!
Let your photo transfer completely dry, If you notice more paper bits on the wooden picture piece then wet it up and again repeat step 8.

STEP 10: Mod Podge It Up (Optional)
Once your photo transfer is dry and satisfactory to you, use the Mod Podge to seal your hard work with a glossy finish which adds a protective layer. For application use a sponge with strokes  to get a textured look ,if you need a smooth glossy look use a wooden Popsicle stick to apply evenly.
That’s it! Your photo transfer is done and ready to be in the limelight.
Don't expect a crystal clear image,Always expect a rough vintage look

You can try on different surfaces like glass, leather  with same steps as above.
but pictures on wood can be a bit clearer comparatively.That's all for today's post guys. Until next time, take care, bye-bye. 
Please do share your images once you try this project, it encourages us

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