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Lavender & Calendula Hydrating Face Gel from "Fuschia" - Review

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How's summer treating you?? Even in Bangalore, it's very hot this year when compared to last year. The summer makes our skin dull and lifeless. But we want to look fresh and glowing without suffering from dehydrated skin, which is so typical of summer. There are several external and internal factors contributing towards the reduction in the hydration levels of the skin. Many people advice to drink lots of water to be hydrated. Along with taking necessary measures, how it will be if we have a product which is specially made to keep our skin hydrated!! We all need that... Right?? 

So in this post, I am going to share my views on a product which keeps our facial skin hydrated. It is Lavender & Calendula Hydrating Face Gel from the brand "Fuschia". It is basically an Aloe Vera gel with the added advantages of essential oils and calendula flower extract.

About Fuschia:

Fuschia is a range of Handmade, Natural Skin Care products by "Vkare". Currently, they have soaps, Lip Balms, Creams, Scrubs & Bath Salts available. Fuschia skincare products are handmade using only natural ingredients. All the products are free of SLS, Parabens, Phthalates, Mineral Oils and they do not test the products on Animals.
To know more about Fuschia and their wide range of products, check their website HERE.

Hydrating Face Gel - Review:

When I received the samples from the brand, I was especially attracted towards this product because of the soothing color of the gel and I had developed expectations over this. Does it reach my expectations?? To know, keep on reading.

Directions: Use this mask once or twice a week. Apply a layer of this mask evenly over your skin and relax for 15-20 minutes. Once dry, rinse with plain or cold water.

Ingredients: Aqua, Aloe Vera, Calendula Flower Extract, Lavender Oil, Rosemary Oil, Arnica Oil, Vitamin E.

Pure aloe pulp moisturizes & heals the skin. Lavender essential oil soothes, hydrates & tones the skin. Calendula extract moisturizes the skin & gives a youthful glow.

Price: Rs.450/- for 100gms

Availability: You can buy this product from the links provided below:

Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart, and from their official website mentioned above.

Currently, this product is at a discount price at Rs.360/- in Myntra and Rs.400/- in remaining sites.

My Experience with the product:

The product comes in a small tub like plastic transparent container labeled with brand name and ingredients. This tub has a screw open lid which shuts very tightly, thus avoids any chances of spillage. So it has travel-friendly packaging. Other than this, there are no details mentioned. But I came to know through my blogger friend that, as these are PR samples, the labeling is very basic. The color is a very soothing lavender color which attracts everyone. And this is in gel consistency (hehe, of course, it's a gel). Coming to the fragrance, it has an amazing fragrance of the lavender oil. This surely attracts anyone who loves lavender along with the color.

The gel consistency makes the application very easy and smooth. I have used the product as per the directions. I kept in on my face for 15 minutes and washed off with normal water. It is very easy to wash. It doesn't leave any kind of greasiness on the face. It made my skin hydrated and smooth. The most refreshing thing is one will definitely enjoy the soothing fragrance of the gel until it's on the face. Even after washing, it lingers on the face for a few minutes. It does moisturize my skin very well and gave a subtle glow. It made my skin very smooth after washing. 

The results are not long lasting, so I am using this gel day by day to maintain that glow and shiny skin. I have applied this gel at night before going to bed so that the next morning, I wake up with beautiful glowing skin. This gel is unisex and I think suitable for all skin types.

  • Packaging
  • Fragrance
  • Easy to apply and wash
  • Hydrated skin very well
  • Makes skin smooth and glowing
  • Ingredients
  • Handmade and Natural
  • Unisex
  • 100% chemical free formulation
  • I personally didn't find any con, but tub packaging may be a hygienic concern for a few people.

Final Words:  This gel based face mask works wonders on the skin by hydrating it really well and makes the skin very smooth. I strongly recommend people with dry skin or whose skin tends to dehydrate soon to try this mask for better skin.

I am damn sure you will like the review and want to know the latest updates from the brand. To make that easier, I am attaching all the links to their social media below. Don't forget to follow them :)

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  1. The color 😍😍 wish it was a ice cream. And most of d fuschia products are mild enough that we can use daily :) Nice Review

  2. I really like fuschia products 😍so amazing and effective.

  3. Nice post, I think it's time for me to get my hands of a fuschia product !


  4. Just eyeing on the colour. I have used their Berry Blend brightening gel. That was also very nice. These gel masks you can use daily, as they are natural. Nice review.

  5. Beautiful clicks. I am in love with its color. Definetly I am going to try this someday

  6. Sounds like a good buy :)

    1. Yes, it is :) Thank you for visiting this space

  7. This looks great and it looks cute too :P

    1. yes, it is!
      Thank you for visiting this space :)

  8. The color 😍 so refreshing! Wanna try.

  9. Sounds like a very good hydrating product for summers. Will give it a try...

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