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Different ways to style your outfits with a BELT

Fashion is a popular style or practice, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories and makeup. It does not a have a particular definition. It’s a retro!! Keeps on rotating with indulging new forms into it all the time.
Today, as a part of fashion, I want to show you how to pair up different kinds of "Belts" with your outfits to make you more beautiful, comfortable and fashionable. The addition of a belt can be the equivalent of adding a period to the end of a sentence. In addition, they can add shape and aid in improving the garment’s fit. 

Let me differentiate the types of belts generously. Being knowledgeable about the types of belts available will help you to figure out which one to choose for particular occasions and which style of belt goes best with your outfits to restyle the outfit.
  • Classic belts
  • Woven/Braided belts
  • Statement belts
  • Skinny belts
  • Wide belts
  • Rope belts
  • Elastic belts
  • Fabric belts

It’s always fun to try new things when it comes to fashion. I personally love trying new looks with my wardrobe like kind of adding a spice of style to my old outfits. One of the best ways to change up an outfit and make it look fresh is to add a belt to it. There are so many different ways to wear belts with an outfit. Figuring out what works and what looks good can be really confusing. If you’re feeling a little lost, take a look at these great ways to style your clothes with a belt.
Sometimes we need to add a cardigan to our outfit in order to keep our self warm, to add a little more color, to cover up a little more, or due low weather conditions. But let’s be honest, sometimes cardigans can look a little loose and stagy over our outfit and tend to hang. A great way to makeover this is to put a belt over the cardigan. It looks best when it’s belted around your waist because it shows off your curves and makes you look thinner than if you were not wearing a belt at all.
Skinny belts incorporate easy to style up these kind of clothing.

Blanket Scarfs:

Blanket scarves have become increasingly popular over the last few years. They look so cute, especially when tied to the waist with a belt. Belt with this kind of scarf could be even lovelier and gives a Chic look.
Wide Metal belts and statement belts go well in enhancing the beauty of the scarf and your body line.


Jumpsuits may not be a piece of clothing that everyone love, But they are such a fun piece of clothing!  They really do not need anything extra to make them look more cute, but if you want to add some more flare, Add a printed classic belt of any type and color which matches the jumpsuit.

Pairing with a dress:

Sometimes dresses seem to be overflowing which makes us look a little bit healthier than we seem to be. Belts can help here in both shaping your dress and body line. Any style of belt can go well with these dresses.


When it’s cold enough to wear a big coat, no matter how cute they are, they may need a little extra something to dress them up. The coat may not need a belt, but it certainly looks great when paired with one. You can pair them wide statement metal buckle belts.

High waist Skirt:.

You can also throw a belt around your waist when wearing a high waist skirt. You can wear a thin one over the skirt where the top is still visible, or you can wear a thick, chunky belt that will completely cover up the top of the skirt and almost make the whole outfit look like a dress. Either way, it looks really cute and very fashionable.

Chunky Sweaters:

Chunky sweaters are another one of those wardrobe pieces that can make you look a little larger than you wanted. Throw on a belt over that sweater and you've instantly got a thin waist. This look is perfect for those chilly days when you need a warm sweater, but still want to look beautiful and stylish.

Loose Shirts and Fitted Skirts:

You can Stripe up your loose shirts or your Partner shirts in your size by fitting yourself with a braided thin belt. They give a different look with the loose shirts which can be paired with a comfortable lower. Also try pairing them with fitted skirts to enhance their beauty.

Semi Professional dresses:

Pair up wide statement belts with semi professional dresses to add little more style to your attire.
These belts are never mandatory. They just add spice to your attire.

Now a days rope belts has come more into lime light. They can be paired up with both ethnic and trendy wear. Below are some pictures which depict some styles.

Apart all these, what I feel is always choose clothes in which you feel and fit comfortably. Carry yourself  with confidence which increases the charm in your face. Following these kind of trends is just an add-on.

*** All the pictures I used above to depict the styles are taken from Google Images to give you a detail view***

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