Tuesday, 28 March 2017


Upcycling is pretty awesome. It’s just really wonderful that with a little crafting magic, you can give an item a brand new use. Just like what we are going to try in today’s DIY. I will be showing you how to make a CD case photo cube! Yup, those old cases that used to hold the CDs can now be turned into a fun cube that shows off some of your favorite photos and acts as a fabulous bit of DIY room decor. Have a look on the simple steps below in order to find out how they are made.

  • Ruler 
  • Scissors
  • Strong Super Glue / Hot Glue
  • 5 Color printed photos
  • 5 CD Cases
  • Light marker
Step one:
Open the CD case, remove the CD, paper cover and the plastic piece that holds the CD. It will come out if you gently pry it up. Now take the inner dimensions of the CD.

Step two:
Cut the photo printouts to the exact measurements taken from the CD. Now slowly insert the photocopies into the CD to show off as a CD cover. After inserting tuck them into the hinges on the CD transparent cover so that it does not loosen and fall apart.

Step three:
Repeat the steps to make 5 of the same kind, One for base and remaining for walls.

Step four:
Now consider one CD as a base and apply glue to the CDS on two sides so that they glue up perpendicular to the base as shown in the picture.

Step five:
Use the remaining CDs tucked with photos to complete the cube with upside open.

You can use it as a magazine holder, Art stationary holder, candle holder, cosmetics holder and Kitchen Utensil holder. Just choose according to your need.You will just love them in any way you choose.

This is a fun way to display artwork, photos, 3D art or whatever strikes your fancy using only 5 clear CD cases. You can display items 4.5" tall x 5.25" wide by .25" deep. Think it as the little doodad that represents scrapbook pages.

Try stacking out two to three cubes with format pictures or your original pictures as shown below.

google image

Please leave your project pics and comments after you try them. That gives us a lot of encouragement.

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