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12 Must Beauty Doodads every woman should own with paylinks

From my childhood, I always had an interest towards different fancy products. Being a girl, now I have a fantasy to search and collect different beauty doodads. I want to present 12 of those from my favorites to you now. These are reasonable in cost and usually, every girl wishes to own them. I have provided links below if you also want to own them.

1. Nail Polish Holder:

We girls change Nail color according to our dress almost every week. For all the Nail Polish Lovers, these are going to be valuable gifts.This aids for application of nail color and makes it more fun.

2. Nail Polish Blower dryer:

This one is my favorite ❤❤. This monkey looks so cute that I could not resist myself from owning it and it works very well and satisfies the purpose. Press on the plate of bananas and the cute monkey will blow cool air. This helps to dry your Nail Polish preventing some accidents leading messy nails. This runs on AA Batteries.

3. Cover Your Cleavage Instantly:

No Need of safety pins, No tugging, and no more hassles. If you don't feel comfortable due to a plunging neckline, then this helps a lot. Instead of using camisoles, just pin these and you are all set to go. I loved this product personally. They come in packs of three with 3 colors Black, Beige, White with silk Lace strips.

Bra Comforters:

4. Bra strap concealer clips:

No need of purchasing Expensive Bras for the specific shape purpose. These small Clips serves your purpose.

5. Maiden Foam women's silicon bra strap  pad:

These cushions your shoulders from digging bra straps and this flexible silicone design gives a comfortable fit. This is a non-slip silicone construction with a Clear color.

6. Silicone Makeup Applicator Sponges:

Unlike traditional makeup application sponges that absorb over 50% of our makeup which goes in waste, this new silicone sponge does not absorb any product. And cleaning it is a simple job. Apply a small amount of your desired product and this will help in blending it like you are using your brush or beauty blender. These are made of high-quality silicone and are easy to clean and use.

7. Nipple covers and Breast lifter:

The Breast Petals Nipple Covers are wonderful for wearing with or without your bra, under T-shirts, bikinis, sweaters and any other outwear. They gently mold to your breast shape and gives you a smooth, sexy look. You don't have to worry about your nipples showing through your clothes.

8. Makeup brush cleaners:

Hand washing of brushes does not remove the makeup remains completely. This may lead to bacteria formation, thus leading to infections sometimes. This cleaner is helpful for cleaning remains perfectly. 

9. Travel size Silicon Squeezable and Refillable Containers:

These are BPA PFA free, leak proof silicon refillable squeezes which are travel-friendly. These can be used to carry shampoo, conditioner, lotion, oil, cosmetics and other toiletries while traveling. Instead of buying travel size packs, just squeeze your products into these tubes.

10. Some simple tools for hair styling:

French magic hair braider:

Bum pits hair lift setters:

Donut bun maker:

11. Shampoo Massager:

Scalp massaging is proven to increase the hair growth.These silicon brushes strokes aid in blood circulation and thus promotes hair growth.

12. Save yourself from High Heels:

Gel socks protector for cracked feet.

This Silicone Gel Cushion Pad Heel Liner protects skin against Cracking and decreases Skin Feet Pressure Pain. Gives a better Relief when you are opting for high heel slippers.

Toe Separators:

Toe Straighteners increase the spacing between the big toe and the second toe for proper joint alignment which is the major problem for those who prefer high heels.

Toe Rings:

These are slimming Health Silicon Magnetic Foot Massager relax Toe Rings. After a day of stressful work, These Toe rings stay in pressure points to relax you and reduce your day stress. And scientifically it is proved that magnetic rings at this pressure point aids in reducing your body weight.


Always buy doodads from standard brands, sellers, and websites because they maintain quality and last for a long time. Duplicates can never replace the original ones, they go mad in no time.

We hope this post helps you in finding and placing an order for these simple doodads.  Stay tuned and please mention your favorite ones and your comments below.

***All the pictures are taken from the websites links which feature the products in this post***

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