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Apricot Body Scrub from JUNAILI - Review

Hey, Lovelies!!!
What's up?? Today this post is going to be extra special as it's about body care. Yes, you heard it right!! I am going to introduce you all to this amazing body scrub from a brand called JUNAILI. This scrub is made with the goodness of apricots.
Just like our facial skin, the skin on the body needs exfoliation too. This process helps in removing dead skin cells, dullness thus making our skin look fresh and radiant. We often neglect the skin on our hands and legs because of which they get age quickly. Let's check the detailed review of this scrub and know more about the company.

About Junaili:
In their words: 
"C O L D P R E S S E D   A T   7 0 0 0   F E E T   I N   T H E   K U M A O N   H I MA L A Y A S  F R O M   T H E   F I N E S T   A P R I C O T S ,  O U R   O I L S   A N D   S C R U B S   A R E   1 0 0 %   P U R E   A N D   C H E M I C A L - F R E E . J U N A I L I ' S   A P R I C O T   B O D Y   S C R U B ,  A P R I C O T   B O D Y   O I L   A N D   F A C E   O I L   A R E   A V A I L A B L E   A T   O U R   O N L I N E   S T O R E .  F A M I L Y - O W N E D   A N D   C O M M I T T ED   T O   S U S T A I N A B L E   P R A C T I C E S ,J U N A I L I   M A K E S   A N D   S E L L S   O N L Y   I N   S M A L L   B A T C H E S . O U R   N O - C O M P R O M I S E   M A N U F A C T U R I N G   S T Y L E   E N S U R E S .E X C E P T I O N A L   Q U A L I T Y   A T   A N   A F F O R D A B L E   P R I C E .M A D E   I N   T H E   H I M A L A Y A S   F R O M   T H E   F I N E S T   P L A N T - B A S E D.I N G R E D I E N T S ,  J U N A I L I ' S   P R O D U C T S   A R E   E F F E C T I V E   &   S A F E ".

PC: Junaili's Website

Benefits of Apricot for skin:
Apricots are excellent sources of vitamin B, vitamin A, vitamin C and lycopene which make them beneficial for your skin. Here are some of the uses of apricots:
  1. Heals damaged skin
  2. Reduces wrinkles
  3. Maintains Skin Elasticity
  4. Removes Blackheads
  5. Removes Blemishes
  6. Moisturizes the skin
  7. Nourishes and exfoliates skin
  8. Improves skin tone
Apricot Body Scrub - Review:

Product Description: Made in the Himalayas from the finest Apricots, this gentle exfoliating scrub is pure and chemical-free. For best results, combine the scrub with water or milk. Suitable for all skin types.


Price: Rs. 250/- for 125gm

Shelf Life: 12 months.

Availability: You can buy their products from the below mentioned links:

And also do follow Juniali on their social media for regular updates. 

My Experience:

As I have mentioned already in my first impressions post on my social media, this scrub comes in a cute little see through plastic bottle with a metallic lid. The packaging is perfect, classy and the quality of the bottle is too good. The scrub comes in powdered form.

The fragrance of the scrub is nutty and I liked it very much. If you are also a person who loves dry fruits and nuts like me, then this nutty fragrance does not bother you.
Application of the scrub is very easy. As mentioned on the bottle you can mix this scrub either with water or with milk until you achieve the desired consistency. I have tried using this scrub with both water and milk. When used it along with milk, the skin becomes nourished and moisturized a bit more than when used it with water. So it completely depends on you. If your skin is extra dry and scaly, mix the scrub with milk otherwise, use it with water.

Cleaning the scrub is also very easy. You can spill a few drops of the water on the dried scrub and gently exfoliate the skin on your hands and legs. By doing this, you can remove the dead skin cells easily and helps in achieving smooth and silky skin. I felt that my skin was way smoother and radiant than before. For the product to be effective, you need not use more at once. Just a tablespoon full of the scrub has been enough for both your hands and legs. So it is affordable too. And the best part of this scrub is it is suitable for all skin types.

  • Made only with Apricots
  • Removes dead skin cells very easily
  • Hydrates skin very well
  • Chemical free
  • The Packaging is quite impressive
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • I really liked the nutty fragrance
  • Not at all hard on the skin
  • Affordable
  • I really didn't find any

Final Words: Without any second thoughts, you can buy this, Just have a look at the pros, cons and you are good to go. I am damn sure you will love this product. I am now thanking my friends who introduced me to this product. So now it's your turn. Buy and use the product and thank me later :)

Note: I have experimented by applying this scrub to my face and its a failure. My skin got some tiny red rashes, but they are gone in less than a few minutes. They have clearly mentioned it as the body scrub but out of enthusiasm, I have tried it on my face. So it's better to avoid using this scrub on your face.

That's all for this post guys. We will be back again with amazing product reviews.
Until then, Stay Tuned.

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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Mud Ash 3 in 1 from Greenberry Organics - Review

The Wedding season is on and traveling is a must when we have any of our relatives or friends marriage. While traveling, we might have thought many times about an all in one skincare product to reduce the weight of our luggage. Even if we are not traveling, sometimes we might feel lazy to use so many products and even sometimes we do not want to spend our money on so many products.

Keeping all these problems in their mind, Greenberry Organics have come with a miraculous product. It's their Mud Ash 3 in 1. Do you know, this product is gaining much hype these days as it has been awarded the "best seller" badge so many times. And it is worth all the hype. I have already reviewed Cocoa Body Butter Hand and Body Lotion from Greenberry Organics earlier and expressed my addiction to it. If you haven't read that review, please read it Here. So now, let's quickly jump into the review.
About Greenberry Organics:

In their words: "Greenberry Organics are makers of fresh, natural and handmade cosmetics assorted in small batches to ensure purity and authenticity. Our makers and founders have ensured that the production of each of our categories is made in small batches to make it relevant, fresh and genuine. GBO remains eco-conscious in its approach to creating a sustainable planet as well as fair wages to our sources and vendors who strive hard to ensure quality ingredients which into the making of each batch. We are young and understand the needs of millennials creating a fusion among core traditional values and modern sciences. Enjoy nature's finest products made fresh just for you!"

You can find Greenberry Organics here: FacebookInstagram

Mud Ash 3 in 1 Review:

Product Description:

-How many times have you come across a product that makes your skin go hallelujah with delight?
-Do you also use the words "problem" and "skin" in the same sentence?
Well, now it's a savory moment.It's time we change that with our 3 in 1 formula that has Cleanser, Scrubber and Mask packed in one. The biggest wow factor - use it daily as a Cleanser, twice a week as a scrubber or right before those happening weekends as a mask and your skin will thank you every minute for this super pampering care.

Ingredients: Bentonite Clay, Kaolin Clay, Glycerin, Aqua, Aloe Vera extracts, Activated Charcoal, Walnut Shell Powder, Phynoxy Ethanol, Xanthan Gum, Charmomile Extracts, Tea Tree Extracts.
  • Charcoal - Sucks in all the dirt and dust, thus de-polluting your skin cells and letting it breathe.
  • Tea Tree - Effectively removes all spots from the skin, making it spotless and supple.
  • Kaolin Clay - Removes all blemishes, pimples, spots thus giving a very near perfect, spotless skin.
  • Bentonite Clay - Excellent pore reducer that also heals and nourishes the skin cells like a charm.
  • Chamomile Extracts - Strong anti-inflammatory properties helps get rid of acne causing bacteria, thus eliminating the problem from the root.
PC: Greenberry Organic's Fb Page
***Follow the above instructions carefully for better results***

Shelf Life: 24 months from manufacturing date. But once opened, use within 6 months.

Price: Rs. 499/- for 100 gm. 

Availability: You can buy Greenberry Organic's products directly from Amazon.

****Hurry up, guys!! As it is the best selling product, it will get sold out in a blink of an eye and also always keep an eye on restocking****

My Experience:

The packaging of the product is just perfect. It comes in a small tub like plastic see-through container which is safe and easy to use. It comes with the protective lid to avoid spillage. The lid of the container can be kept very tight. Thus the product is travel-friendly too.

The color of the product is dark Grey and the consistency is thick. This mud-ash has small granules in it which are neither hard nor soft. It glides very smoothly on the skin even though it has granules in it. The product has a strong fragrance of tea tree and it doesn't bother you even if you have a very sensitive nose. I liked the fragrance very much. As soon as I opened the lid, it is the fragrance of the product which attracted me more towards it.

Coming to the usage, please follow the above-mentioned instructions carefully. I have tested this product in the mentioned 3 ways and I am very much impressed with the product soon after the first usage. It works very effectively in eliminating dirt and excess oil from the face so 30 seconds of time is more than enough to use it as a cleanser.
As I said above, this comes with granules which are very helpful in exfoliation. They do the job very efficiently. But be very gentle while rubbing your face as those granules might hurt your skin. Soon after cleaning your face, apply your regular moisturizer. My facial skin really felt baby soft and smooth after using this.

You will start noticing the results soon after the first usage. It not only helps in removing dirt and excess oil but also helps in fighting with dead skin cells. As I don't have pimples(touch-wood), I cannot comment anything on its effect on acne prone skin. But yes, it helps in lightening the dark spots if you have any. Coming to the effectiveness, it gives an instant glow and shine to the skin and makes the skin feel more supple and smooth than before. The best part of this product is it can be used by people with any skin type and gender. As it is 100% natural, it is very safe to use on your face.

  • Works very effectively in all the 3 ways
  • Gives softer, smoother and suppler skin than before
  • Reduces blemishes
  • Removes dirt and excess oil efficiently
  • Works great on white heads
  • Travel friendly
  • Against Animal Testing
  • 100% Natural and Vegan product
  • Worth the Price
  • Suitable for men also.
  • Didn't find any.
PPD Rating: 5/5
Final Words: It is the best product I have ever used. Trust me and try your hands on this Mud Ash 3 in 1. You will never regret your decision.

I had an amazingly awesome experience with the products from Greenberry Organics. They are effective, worthy and does what they claim.

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Monday, 20 February 2017

13 Cool Kitchen Doodads We Want to Buy Right Away with the Paylinks

Pink n Peach Dairies has collected the most unusual kitchen gadgets to make your life easier. You may find something you've been lacking that will make the cooking process even faster and certainly more pleasant. We are going to present every product with links so that you can purchase the ones you feel that is required.

1. Silicone Spill Stopper Splatter Guard For Pot/Pan:
Forget to scrub and clean your metal pot and pan lids to get the gunk and grease out of them after your cooking. This silicone spill stopper splash guard lid is so easy to wash, wipe and clean with just soap and water that the grease just slides off the silicone material. They can resist heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. We usually forget to turn off the stove after we keep some milk to boil which spills all over the stove and makes it messy. I hate cleaning the stove top with the greasy stuff so felt this as a boon, helping me in saving my time.

2. Food Huggers Reusable Silicone Food Savers:
These Food Huggers fit perfectly on a variety of cut fruits and vegetables like lemons, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes and more. They help in extending the life of your half used fruits and vegetables and is an alternative to wasteful plastic wrap. Since leaving cut veggies such as lemons and onions leads to make them unfit to cook these come very handy for saving our veggies. These Food huggers can also be used to reseal open jars and cans.

3. Onion-Protecting Glasses:
Finally, we can now chop onions without shedding tears. With this premium and high-design tear resistant onion goggles, you can peel onions easily and do more in your kitchen in less time. These safety glasses feature a sleek design and an airtight seal to protect your tender eyes.

4. Rolling Garlic Chopper:
This mighty gadget allows you to mince garlic to your desired texture without dirtying cutting boards or knives with sticky garlic juice. Simply load the GarlicZoom chamber with garlic, roll the unit back and forth on a smooth surface and let the interior blades take over the job. Rolling more will result in a fine mince while less rolling offers a coarser chop.

5. Egg Sushi Rice Mold:
Give a surprise to your kids by molding the eggs, rice or their favorite food into interesting shapes and try to give a professional touch to the homemade and nutritious food with these molds.

6. Collapsible and Easy to Store Silicone Funnel for Kitchen:
These are suitable for transferring liquids or dry ingredients, with a holder tab design which can sit stably on bottles or jars. Having a silicon body, it can resist a temperature range of -40 to 250 degrees Celsius, thus goes well with both very cold and very hot liquids.

7. Rice and vegetable basket and cleaner:
Having the strainer holes designed in the perfect place, this container can be used as a saver, server, strainer for rice, vegetables and fruits.

8. A cutting board with a scrap container: 
Along with making chopping and cleaning easier, this practical and tough chopping board is specially designed to withstand the impact of the knife along with giving undeterred strong support.

9. Ceramic Knives: 
You need not buy knives very often and no need for sharpening them. Buy once and use it for a lifetime.
Ultra sharp edges of these knives go years without sharpening. Ceramic is slightly less hard than diamond and does not corrode and resists bacteria. It is Healthier and more hygienic than steel. Its Nonreactive ceramic blade maintains original taste and color of food.

10. Convenient spoon and lid holder:
This is ideal for holding your cooking spoon & hot pot lids. The design of this holder is not only fashionable but also it is convenient to carry and clean. We can place spoons, spatulas and lids of any size on this holder, thus helping to keep the kitchen space clean.

11.Egg yolk separator:
The Yolkfish is a gulping goldfish that is capable of separating yolks from eggs. Simply by squeezing the fish and gently bringing its lips to the top of the yolk, it quickly swallows it up as its mouth is released. It carries the separated part in its belly over to another bowl so that it can be dropped out again with a small push.

12. Melon Slicer: 
Now cutting fruits even with the seeds is fun.Say goodbye to tedious, time-consuming task of cutting melonsThis is the most practical and fun kitchen gadget that helps in cutting, slicing and scooping the melon fruits.

13. Vegetable slicing holder:
The simple yet intelligent design of the holder allows users to cut with precision whiling preventing contact with the veggies like onionstomatoeslemonThis helps in slicing evenly and nicely.

Always buy doodads from standard brands, sellers and websites because they maintain quality and last for a long time. Duplicates can never replace the original ones, they go mad in no time.

We hope this post helps you in finding and placing an order for these simple doodads. And also we will come with more cool kitchen stuffs very soon. Stay tuned and please mention your favorite ones and your comments below.

***All the pictures are taken from the websites links which feature the products in this post***

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Thursday, 16 February 2017

Natural Skin Whitening Bleach for Brighter and Clear skin

It’s hard to estimate the importance of taking care of your skin. It’s the body's largest organ and is the first line of defense against infection and disease. So, if you notice dark spots or any skin pigmentation issues, you definitely need to prevent further damage. We can fix a lot of pigmentation problems using natural products.
The Dangers of Skin-Whitening Treatments:
Typically, hydroquinone and mercury have been the main ingredients used in skin-bleaching products. They work by inhibiting the production of melanin, the chemical that turns skin darker in the short term. However, recent research shows that in the long term these ingredients can be toxic. In fact, these ingredients can darken the skin and cause premature aging if used for extended periods of time. Fortunately, we have a number of natural whitening ingredients that work just as well as the synthetic ones, without the harmful side effects. These natural ingredients help in:
1. Absorbing harmful UV rays from the sun.
2. Inhibiting the production of melanin in the skin, which causes the dark pigmentation.
Instead of the skin whitening treatments, we suggest you to use natural ingredients to sort out your skin problems.

This is an amazing home remedy which is a Natural facial bleach that helps you whiten your skin easily at home. This bleach has no harmful chemicals and does wonder for your skin, it brightens and lightens your skin tone just within 15 days.
  • Freshly grated apple – 1 tablespoon (preferably green apple)
  • Plain curd or yogurt – 1 teaspoon
  • Fresh lemon juice – 1/2 teaspoon
  • Baking soda or Baking powder – 1 pinch
  • Honey – 1/2 teaspoon 
Take a clean bowl, add freshly grated apple, a pinch of baking soda and all the remaining ingredients to a bowl. Mix it well for a good consistency. Apply it on your clean face and neck and avoid the under eye area. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash it off with cold water. 

Use this bleach every day for 15 days to get the white and tighter skin. After that, continue using it twice a week.  You can store this mixture in the refrigerator for 2-3 days. You can also use this bleach on your hands, legs and other exposed areas to remove tanning.

Do not add baking soda or powder more than a pinch, because it will dry out your skin very easily and using large amounts of baking soda will burn and damage your skin.

Tip: Apply an essential oil onto the face after using the pack so that it can reduce the dryness on the skin if any.

Here are some more affordable methods to lighten your skin naturally:

1. Yogurt:  Yogurt, a by-product of milk, has many nutrients that are good for the skin. It also contains lactic acid that has bleaching properties. Usually, Yogurt is suitable for all skin types.
How to use:
Mix one tablespoon of fresh yogurt with the one-half tablespoon of honey. Apply the mixture on your face and neck. Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes and then wash it off with warm water. Do this daily to improve your skin tone and complexion.

2.Oranges:  The most important ingredient in skin care is vitamin C, which you can get in abundance from oranges. Oranges have bleaching properties that can lighten your skin tone
How to use:
Mix two tablespoons of orange juice and a pinch of powdered turmeric (preferably wild turmeric). Apply this mixture on your face and neck. You can also apply it on your hands and legs. Wash it off after 20 to 30 minutes. Do this daily.

3. Gram Flour:  Gram flour is one of the best ingredients for people who wish to lighten their skin complexion.
How to use:
Mix some gram flour with small amounts of rose water, lemon juice, and tomato puree to make a thick paste. Initially, scrub the face and finally add some more water and apply it as a face pack. Wash it clean with warm water after it dries off completely.

4. Honey:  Honey works as a bleaching and moisturizing agent for the skin. Dry skin is a common factor that contributes to an uneven skin tone. Honey also has antibacterial properties that can help fade uneven spots and acne scars.
How to use:
Apply pure honey onto your face, leave it for a few minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water. This simple remedy will help remove dead skin cells, making your skin appear brighter and fresher than before. Do this once daily.

5. Lemons:  The lemons work as a natural bleaching agent for the skin and the high amount of vitamin C in them encourages new cell growth. Also, lemons have antioxidants that are very good for skin complexion. This also makes the skin itchy for the people with sensitive skin so beware before using it alone.
How to use:
Mix together one teaspoon each of lemon juice, powdered milk, and honey. Apply it on your skin and leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing it off. Do this daily or every other day. Apply some essential oil after rinsing with water.

That's all for this post guys. Hope these methods are helpful for the people who want to lighten their skin. Try out these methods instead of using the ready-made bleaching products. Do let us know in the comment section below if you have tried any method from the above and also do share with us if you know any other natural method for lightening the skin.

 ***All the pictures used above are taken from Google Images***

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