Monday, 16 January 2017

Simple Wall Decor

   Most of the ideas gain importance due to creativity repurposing, renovating on a budget. Here is a simple wall décor which is simple to make but looks over grand both in reality and photos.
   In India, we have many occasions such as poojas, vratas, some or the other happening all the times. We need backdrop decorations many times to make the occasion look more rich and special. I did this decoration for my sons Bhogi pallu on the occasion of Sankranthi. It takes 15-20 minutes of time.

Supplies Required:
  •  Color paper sheets cuttings of 8*8 inches – I used two colors(Green and blue)
  •   Color paper roll
  •   Transparent  Tape
  •   Thread or Colored ribbons
  •   Gift bows- multiple colors
For the paper Fan bows:
 1.  Fold the 6 color paper sheets together Zig zag as shown in the picture below and tie a ribbon in the middle so that it stays tight and firm.

Google images

Trim the sides to ‘U’ shape to get the exact fan shape.  

Google image

  3. Spread it both sides to look like a fan.  

Google image
  4. Slowly lift all the paper layers to make it fluffy enough. 
Google image

  5. Finally, press it keeping the layered fan stand up horizontally.  

  6.  Repeat the steps for 17 more times to prepare Paper fans bows of both the colors.

For Gift Bows:

Gift bows will be available in any stationary or fancy store. If you are not able to get the gift bows I will show you a small Diy to prepare the same.

Google image

You can also buy them from the below link also
Final preparations:

1.Twist and roll the paper rolls on the both sides 2 times to create a border and attach gift bows adjacent and top of the roll twists with a help of transparent tape.
2. Place the gift bows pattern wise as shown in the picture.   

3.Finally, attach paper fans below the Gift bows with a tape to get the perfect look.

 That's it ..Simple easy and elegant wall décor is now ready for your special occasion.

Don't forget to share your pics after trying it.Use colors of your choice but try using bright colors which make decor look bright.

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  1. Nice and easy way to decorate. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very easy and creative ideas :)

  3. I love these DIY ideas of yours. I'll definitely try it. :D

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