Monday, 9 January 2017

Simple Kitchen organization and Storage ideas

The Kitchen is the heart of the house. I feel that a well organized kitchen simplifies the work and aids a lot to complete household work with in time. I noticed for a while that when some lady guests come home they always want to check our kitchen and cabinets and make up some silly impressions on us!!!! That’s really funny but it happens.
Today I am going to share few tips to organize your kitchen. And will share my favorite kitchen organizers which can turn your kitchen super organized and easy to work on daily basis. 

I have also attached the links where the described item is available so that your work gets easy.

Use Stair organizer to keep spices and condiments. This organizer keeps all the bottles  visible and organized.

These Stacking baskets are the best organizers for onions, potatoes & garlic; this is how I keep in my kitchen. You can use for your choice such as fruits.

These Small Fridge organizers bring up extra storage in our fridge.  I usually use for tomatoes, eggs …kind of delicate stuff.

Use these kind of Corner Shelve organizer to keep your Non-stick and Tawas segregated in side the cabinets or on counter-top.

Use Folding rack plate organizer to utilize vertical space efficiently. You can double up the space and use it for cutlery which are used very often.

Similarly use these Under shelf baskets that help to utilize vertical space efficiently. I keep all the lids of open boxes in the basket as shown in picture so that I can find them easily. These shelf baskets can fit to any cabinet partition.

Rotating spice jar for storing all the spices. This is going to look great in your kitchen. Two sizes available with 16 and 8 containers.

For top shelves of the cupboard where mostly our hands don’t reach use this Rotating self so that the place will be utilized.

Always use Cubical shape food containers instead of round shape. By using cubical shape containers, it is easy to stack on top of each other and it saves front and side space also.

Get Section box to keep miscellaneous small items like candles, food sticks, pizza seasoning and ketchup pouches. It will help to keep your drawer organized and items will remain segregated.

Metal magazine holders to hold aluminum foils, cling wrap etc .The same can be used to hold all the serving and baking trays together.

Must haves in the kitchen are these Ziploc,Mesh bags and Clips. Ziploc bags will help food stay fresh and these clips are very useful to tie opened snack packets and bread.

I usually carry these mesh bags to the vegetable market and ask the vendor to fill veggies in these bags so that I can drop them individually into the fridge as soon as I come home. This makes my work simpler and vegetables look organized. Maintain an organized fridge so that everything is visible and nothing gets wasted.

Snack clips are used to lock up the opened snack and grocery packets so that they don’t spill of and stay fresh.

Get the Over the cabinet rack to keep your cleaning supplies. It can easily fit to any cabinet and can be shifted anywhere as per the requirement.This makes the kitchen platform look clean without any messy stuff.

Get Carry bag dispenser to store all those small poly bags which comes with the vegetable, fruits and grocery shopping.

Get the Modern plastic drawer system to keep small kitchen items segregated and it looks clean and organized. 

Get a Small erasable whiteboard in the kitchen or attach it to fridge to write your grocery and vegetable shopping list .As soon as you see that grocery or vegetables are going to get completed write it on the board. Just take a picture of the same while going out.

Keep Small baskets and holders with handles to organize your snack cupboard. Categorize items and place them in baskets such as opened and unopened.

Get a Big Plastic laundry basket to keep your monthly groceries which are going to be extra

I hope that this Blog post helps you all in organizing your kitchen and help in finding the stuff you need for the same,

***Many of the pictures are taken from the websites given above***

Pink n peach dairies.


  1. So many great organizing goodies! I like the bag dispenser.

    1. Thankyou for visiting. We are glad you liked it :)

  2. Awesome tips you have here! I'm sure this'll be very helpful for everyone. I think this'll be perfect for my home in Arton. Thanks for sharing!

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