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PikReview - A one stop place for any "Product Lover"

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Many of us always feel very confused to buy a product especially when it comes to skin/hair care. We will have many doubts running in our mind about the product and its side effects, whether they suit our skin type or not. Many of us should have faced issues like this and end up in selecting wrong products many times. But no more struggles here on as I have a solution for this. The name of the solution is "PikReview".

Source: PikReview FB page
PikReview is an online platform where one can see many reviews of amazing products from all categories tried by many people around. Those people might be bloggers, social media influencers and even general people who want to share their opinion on a particular product.
Let us get into details to know more about PikReview.


The website of PikReview is This website is very user-friendly and the look and feel of the website are amazing. Soon after opening the website you can see the latest feeds of the site which are uploaded by many aspiring bloggers and influencers.

This is an all in one website where one can know about many products irrespective of categories. There are many categories divided. Each category also has a subcategory so that it will be very easy for us to search for the item we want to know about.

2.How to Upload your reviews on PikReview:

Firstly sign up to the website with your email id. Then you can find "upload" option on the top right of the page.
  1. Click upload and you will find a page like above.
  2. You can write a new review - For this, select "New Review" option and it will ask you to upload an image, description of the product, link of the product from where you have purchased it and also all the links to your social media accounts.
  3. You can also directly pull reviews from Instagram - For this, you have to include the hashtag #pikreview into your Instagram posts. This will directly pull the reviews from your Instagram account and posts on PikReview.
You can always find all your uploaded posts at one place. This will give you a clear idea of the posts you have uploaded.

And you can also easily share your review to your Facebook account.

3.How it is going to help bloggers/influencers:

You can pull traffic to your blog, social media accounts through PikReview. While uploading your review, as I said above, it will ask all the links to your social media accounts. So, If you mention them, you will be at the benefit.

As shown in the above picture, all the links will be displayed on your review. So if someone finds your review genuine and interesting, they will definitely visit, like/follow your accounts which help in your growth.

4. Helping people who are not into blogging:

This is a great platform even for the people who are not into blogging.
  1. You can have an idea about the new products/brands released in the market.
  2. You can get genuine information(review) about many of your favorite products.
  3. All the reviews are given only after trying them personally by the people who uploaded them.
  4. You can also find the link to the product, so no need to worry about the availability of the product you want to try.
  5. You can also give it a try by uploading your opinion on any of your favorite products as this is a free platform and a simple sign up can do the job.
  6. This is an All in One platform where you can find reviews of a wide range of products.
5. My Personal Experience with PikReview:

It is an amazing platform for budding bloggers like us. For the professions where continuous learning is a must, PikReview community is a blessing. I have met wonderful people in this community who are very helping in nature. They share every information on anything they knew without hesitation. Daily we can learn new things if we keep on interacting with people like this. We are a community sharing and growing together. 

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