Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Skin Care Routine Ft. - Oily Skin

Hello, everyone!!!
Hope you are all doing good. The chilliness of winter is making me very lazy. But we shouldn't neglect our skin for whatever the reason is. For a healthy and glowing skin, one should follow proper skin care routine depending on skin type and climate. So for the beginners, the question is what are the basic steps we need to follow?? You can find the answer to the above question Here.

I am writing this post in collaboration with a fellow blogger and dear friend Neha from Dailydosesofbeauty2. Do follow her for more updates. She shares amazing tips, tricks and hacks along with great product reviews. And also do check her blog post if you have combination skin. She wrote a post on combination skin care routine.

Now, let's get into the detailed post. It is not necessary to use costly products in our skin care routine for better results. We can always select products not only by skin type and climate but also within our budget. Here I am going to share with you all my current skin care routine for oily skin.

1. Cleanser:

I am currently using Neutrogena's deep clean facial foaming cleanser for almost two months now and I absolutely love it. This facial foam is very effective in removing dirt and dead skin cells from the face and leaves a fresh, smooth skin after cleansing. Though they haven't mentioned anywhere about the skin type, it is doing a great job on my oily skin. For a detailed review on this cleanser, check HERE.
It retails for Rs.199/-. If you want to buy it, click: Here

2.Toner: For review purposes, I might use many products. But my all time favorite will be Rose water. I always use rose water as a toner. Rose water is very affordable and suitable for all skin types and it is very much effective too. It gives a fresh feeling to the face and also gives a visible glow.

3. Moisturizer:

I am currently using Neutrogena oil free moisturizer for oily skin. It is very light and moisturizes skin very well and it also controls the excess oil formation. This one also comes with SPF 15. So no need to use sunscreen if you are staying at home. It is fragrance-free and the package is very handy and cute. I am loving this product too.
It retails for Rs.399/- and you can check it Here

4. Sunscreen Lotion:

Sunscreen lotion is a must even in winters. As I am using a moisturizer with SPF, I don't apply sunscreen while staying at home. But when I am stepping out, I definitely use sunscreen. The one I am currently using is from Lotus Herbals. It's their Intensive Sunblock Spray with SPF 50. It is easy to use as it comes in a spray bottle and It is also sweat & waterproof. I love this sunscreen because it doesn't make my face patchy after applying.
It is suitable for all skin types.
It retails for Rs.345/-. Buy it Here

4. Scrub:

Exfoliation is a must for any skin type in any season. It makes our skin free from dead skin and gives smooth and glowing skin. The scrub I am currently obsessed with is again from Lotus Herbals. It's their Oatmeal and Yogurt skin whitening scrub in their WhiteGlow range. Check my complete review on this product Here.
It retails for Rs.195/- and you can buy it Here.

5. Body lotion:

I usually use products depending on skin type. But in winters, the weather will be very harsh and it will make the skin on hands and legs even more rough with breakouts. So, I have chosen this Nivea body lotion for dry skin with almond oil. It really works well and makes my skin on hands & legs very smooth without breakouts. All thanks to the Almond oil in it.
It retails for Rs.352/- and you can buy it Here.

6. Lip Balm:
I have tried so many lip balms until today and I love to collect them. So I cannot stress on one particular lip balm. But yes, Maybelline Baby lips variants are my favorites amongst all. For the lips to be healthy and shiny, exfoliating them is very important.
  • Apply Vaseline Petroleum jelly on your lips and take a small amount of sugar and gently rub it on your lips. This helps in removing dead skin from the lips.
  • Before going to bed, simply squeeze oil from Vitamin E capsule and apply on your lips. This will work as a moisturizer and helps in healing chapped lips.

I always keep Vitamin E capsules in stock at home. These can be used in hair, face masks and oils or even you can directly apply the oil squeezed from a capsule on lips and nails. These are very affordable and easily available at any medical store. I highly suggest all of you to keep them in your vanity.

And Now I am going to share with you all few DIY methods which I swear by. I trust these methods and they do wonders on my skin.

A)Face Mask:
  • Besan/ Chickpea flour - 2 tbsp
  • Honey- 1/2 tbsp
  • Milk - 1 tbsp
  • Wild Turmeric powder - pinch (optional)
  • Vitamin E capsule - 1
  • Rose water - As needed for the consistency ( don't make it too thick or too watery)
Mix all the ingredients and apply it evenly on face and neck. Leave it until it is completely dry and wash with cold water. Do this regularly to improve your skin tone, reduce blemishes and marks.

B) Aloe Vera:  I love to include aloe vera gel in my skin care routine. Aloe vera has many benefits for both skin and hair. I use Patanjali Aloe Vera gel and I really like this product.

This is my second tube and it is almost over. This clearly shows my love for this product. I have already shared few tips on how I use aloe vera gel in my daily routine in one of my previous posts. You can check here for the post. Click Here.

That's all for today's post. Do share with me if you have any DIY methods for oily skin. I would love to know. Thanks for visiting this space:)

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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Republic Day Party Ideas

Hello, Everyone!!!!

Republic Day is on cards and so we came up with the simple party ideas which will attract your little ones and also very easy to prepare, affordable too.

We usually have birthday and wedding day parties organized at home. But when we have little ones at home, we have to celebrate every occasion to make them happy and it's also important to make them understand the importance of Republic Day and our Nation. Last year, we have organized a party with many of our friends and their kids on the occasion of Independence day. Even we had so much fun while doing preparations also. So, I thought of sharing with you all these ideas as we can make the same even on Republic day also.

So in this post, we are going to share these 6 simple arrangements we made for the party.
  1. Tri-color dhokla cake
  2. Tri-color salad
  3. Patriotic skewers
  4. Tri-color custard
  5. Simple wall decor
  6. Tri-colored ribbon flowers
1. Tri-color Dhokla cake:

We all know how to make a dhokla. If you don't know, please check the link: Here
For Saffron Layer: I used half a cup of the carrot-tomato puree along with some red chilli powder.
For White Layer: I used plain Dhokla.
For Green Layer: I used some coriander-pudina chutney/paste along with green chilli.
Make these dhoklas separately in batches and place them one by one forming our flag colors. Add a generous amount of seasoning(tadka) on the top. For the extra look, I have attached a paper flag to a toothpick and inserted this tiny flag into the Tri Colored Dhokla Cake. As this cake is free from artificial food colors, you can feed this to your kids without hesitation.

2. Tri-color salad: 
We used shredded carrot, coconut and finely chopped spinach to make the flag representation which is served as a salad with some flavors.

3. Patriotic Skewers:
Uniformly cut green, orange capsicum, paneer and arrange them representing the tricolor with the help of toothpicks. Serve with mint chutney after roasting them over a pan with olive oil.

4. Tri-color Custard: I have missed taking the pictures of my tricolor custard, so I am attaching the website link here so that you people can have a look and try this: Tricolor custard

Pic is taken from site link mentioned above
5. Wall decorations:
We used small paper cut outs to make rounds which are tied together with stapler pins.

Materials Required:
  1. Color Papers - Orange, White and Green
  2. A pair of Scissors
  3. Stapler
  • Cut all the color papers into strips of the same length.
  • Take an orange color paper strip and form a round shape with it. Join the edges with help of stapler.
  • Now take the white strip and pass it through the orange round and join the edges with a stapler.
  • Take the green strip now and pass it through the white round and join the edges.
  • Repeat the same process until you are satisfied with the length of the chain.
  • We used pictures of some freedom fighters and a National Flag to complete the wall decorations.
6. Tri-colored ribbon flowers:
  • Take satin ribbons in the required 3 colors and cut them into strips uniformly.
  • Make a flower shape with the ribbons by placing them as shown in the below picture.
  • Finally, stitch a button in the middle of the flower to make it firm. 
We used the same flowers for wall decor, table decor and also pinned to our dresses as a code.

We love celebrating every occasion, especially with different ideas. So join us by subscribing to our blog for many such ideas. Post in the comments section below about your plans for this Republic Day.

Happy Republic Day!!
Jai Hind.

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Monday, 23 January 2017

Real VS Fake MAC Products

How to spot Fake and Real MAC products

Have you ever been scammed and bought fake MAC makeup? Paying so much of money and finally using fake one is very irritating. I know some people say "There isn't a difference" but trust me there is. Fake MAC doesn't last long, goes on chalky, the pigmentation is low and you don't know what this makeup was made from. It could be bad for your skin. So here are few tips when buying MAC online or anywhere other than MAC stores or their website.

Eye Shadow:

When dealing with eyeshadow online it can be tricky! If you see a color that doesn't have a name on it or says "Eyeshadow Simmer 123", then it is fake!. All MAC eyeshadows have a name such as Electric Eel, Blackberry, Bronze, Cranberry, Deep Truth etc. NO real MAC eyeshadow will say "Blue, Green, Pink".

Eye shadow palette:
  • MAC does NOT sell eye shadow palettes with like 88 colors. They usually sell small palettes, so if you see a MAC palette with 100 eyeshadows, then it is fake.Have a look on the fake ones below.
  • Mac products never ever come with the brushes.We need to buy them separately and also no mirrors will be there inside the palette if so it is a fake one for sure.Have a look on the below fake ones.

  • MAC does NOT sell brushes in sets. You have to buy MAC brushes in singles. MAC brushes have a black wooden base. Have a look on the fake brush sets below.

  • The logo on the MAC brushes can be taken off with your fingernail or by using it a few times. Fake MAC sometimes has MAC engraved onto the brush base.

  • The brushes will come in a black paper box and never have a protector to the brush like the one in below picture, If it comes like that then consider it as the Fake brush.

  • This is another hard one.They look almost identical! Real MAC gloss has a larger applicator where as the fake one have smaller ones.

  • The Real one has the clear and bold font on the sticker as "MATTE WHIRL AB5", "CANDY AD4" is a fake one. Notice both of them  ..U can make out the difference.

  • Notice the below picture, The left one is with matte finish and logo is little above the edge while the right one is with the shiny finish and logo is just above the edge.Now could you make out the real one...Yes, the left one is the fake one and the right one is the real one.

  • The Fake one when opened is going to be very powdery and the Real one always stays firm even after the use.

  •  Batch number on the fake compact looks more prominent rather than compared to real  one.The real compact has the batch number almost invisible.

  • The font on the MAC products is always thicker and clear when compared to the fake ones.

Precautions before purchasing MAC products
  • If someone is telling you that they got the MAC makeup for so cheap because they bought it from the warehouse, they're lying. MAC does not sell from the warehouse to individual people.  
  • A good idea for buying MAC online or where ever is to ALWAYS look the color up before you buy it. Make sure MAC actually makes that color and if they do compare the two colors to make sure they are the same.
  • MAC always uses a soft rounded on all their products and letters on the product are authentic.
  • If you see MAC in flea markets 99% of them are fake so I recommend you to buy only at Actual storefronts such as MAC showrooms and The brand’s official website/store (http://www.maccosmetics.com).
  • AVOID buying MAC products in
    Flea markets.
    Mall kiosks.
    Grocery stores.
    EBay have more fake MAC sellers 
    Beauty supply stores and salons.

Hope this information helps you to buy the Real MAC products when you are planning for the purchase.

***Mac Compact pictures are taken from the beauty junkee website and the remaining pictures are taken from google and MAC official web site****

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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Lotus Herbals WhiteGlow Oatmeal and Yogurt Skin Whitening Scrub Review

Hello, Everyone!!!!!
How are you all doing? How is your skin doing in this cold weather? My skin is having breakouts due to the weather outside. But no problem as I am having the best scrub with me. This one is Oatmeal and Yogurt scrub from Lotus.

We have mentioned about this scrub in our Top Ten Scrubs available in India. If you haven't checked that post, please go through the link above and have a look. I have tried many scrubs from the list and most of them didn't suit my skin even though they are from well-known brands and with great ingredients. So, I have ordered this scrub as oatmeal and yogurt both are really good for the skin.

Product Description:  Lotus Herbals WhiteGlow Oatmeal & Yogurt Skin Whitening Scrub exfoliates the skin gently, removes dirt, impurities, blackheads and whiteheads leaving your skin brighter and healthier with a shining glow. The gentle exfoliating action works on the skin discoloration, dull and uneven skin tones and softens the skin giving you a firmer skin texture.

Benefits of Oatmeal & Yogurt:
-Oatmeal exfoliates gently, restores the natural moisture balance of the skin.
-Yogurt moisturizes and lightens the skin reducing imperfections giving you silky, smooth and brighter skin.

Directions: Gently apply the scrub on skin with brisk circular movements on face and neck. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Use twice a week for brighter and luminous skin. Follow with WhiteGlow Yogurt Radiance Mask for best results.

Price: Rs. 195/- for 100gms

Shelf Life: 3 years

My Personal Experience with Lotus Oatmeal and Yogurt Skin Whitening Scrub:

This scrub comes in a white tube which is pretty impressive. The things that tempted me to buy this scrub are the main ingredients - oatmeal and yogurt. The scrub is in super white creamy consistency and glides smoothly from the tube when pressed gently. The tube has a flip cap which doesn't leak the scrub from inside. The granules are clearly visible once we start scrubbing. I have to mention about the fragrance of the scrub. It's very mild, pleasing and refreshing. I feel like scrubbing for few more minutes.

The granules are a little bit harsh so we should not scrub it for more time and it is not recommended to use daily. After rinsing the scrub, whiteheads on my chin area got completely disappeared and I can clearly see the glow on my face. My skin feels smooth, shiny and glowing after applying moisturizer.

I am very much in love with this scrub. It gives an instant glow to the face even after a long and tiring journey. It is suitable for all skin types. As you people already know, I have an oily skin. This scrubs works amazing on my skin. I even tried this on my husband who is having dry skin and my aunt who has normal skin. This scrubs works very well for both of them.


  • It makes skin fresh and bright.
  • Oatmeal and yogurt are good for any skin type.
  • The fragrance is mild and refreshing.
  • It does what it claims - removes dirt, impurities, whiteheads and dullness. It brightens the skin and gives a healthy glow to the skin.
  • It glides smoothly.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Affordable
  • Attractive Packaging.
  • Easily Available.

Cons: I didn't find any.

PPD Rating: 5/5

Final Words: I love this scrub a lot. It's a must for me even while traveling. I would love to buy this scrub again and again.

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Monday, 16 January 2017

Simple Wall Decor

   Most of the ideas gain importance due to creativity repurposing, renovating on a budget. Here is a simple wall décor which is simple to make but looks over grand both in reality and photos.
   In India, we have many occasions such as poojas, vratas, some or the other happening all the times. We need backdrop decorations many times to make the occasion look more rich and special. I did this decoration for my sons Bhogi pallu on the occasion of Sankranthi. It takes 15-20 minutes of time.

Supplies Required:
  •  Color paper sheets cuttings of 8*8 inches – I used two colors(Green and blue)
  •   Color paper roll
  •   Transparent  Tape
  •   Thread or Colored ribbons
  •   Gift bows- multiple colors
For the paper Fan bows:
 1.  Fold the 6 color paper sheets together Zig zag as shown in the picture below and tie a ribbon in the middle so that it stays tight and firm.

Google images

Trim the sides to ‘U’ shape to get the exact fan shape.  

Google image

  3. Spread it both sides to look like a fan.  

Google image
  4. Slowly lift all the paper layers to make it fluffy enough. 
Google image

  5. Finally, press it keeping the layered fan stand up horizontally.  

  6.  Repeat the steps for 17 more times to prepare Paper fans bows of both the colors.

For Gift Bows:

Gift bows will be available in any stationary or fancy store. If you are not able to get the gift bows I will show you a small Diy to prepare the same.

Google image

You can also buy them from the below link also
Final preparations:

1.Twist and roll the paper rolls on the both sides 2 times to create a border and attach gift bows adjacent and top of the roll twists with a help of transparent tape.
2. Place the gift bows pattern wise as shown in the picture.   

3.Finally, attach paper fans below the Gift bows with a tape to get the perfect look.

 That's it ..Simple easy and elegant wall décor is now ready for your special occasion.

Don't forget to share your pics after trying it.Use colors of your choice but try using bright colors which make decor look bright.

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Friday, 13 January 2017

PikReview - A one stop place for any "Product Lover"

Hello, Everyone!!!

Many of us always feel very confused to buy a product especially when it comes to skin/hair care. We will have many doubts running in our mind about the product and its side effects, whether they suit our skin type or not. Many of us should have faced issues like this and end up in selecting wrong products many times. But no more struggles here on as I have a solution for this. The name of the solution is "PikReview".

Source: PikReview FB page
PikReview is an online platform where one can see many reviews of amazing products from all categories tried by many people around. Those people might be bloggers, social media influencers and even general people who want to share their opinion on a particular product.
Let us get into details to know more about PikReview.


The website of PikReview is http://www.pikreview.com. This website is very user-friendly and the look and feel of the website are amazing. Soon after opening the website you can see the latest feeds of the site which are uploaded by many aspiring bloggers and influencers.

This is an all in one website where one can know about many products irrespective of categories. There are many categories divided. Each category also has a subcategory so that it will be very easy for us to search for the item we want to know about.

2.How to Upload your reviews on PikReview:

Firstly sign up to the website with your email id. Then you can find "upload" option on the top right of the page.
  1. Click upload and you will find a page like above.
  2. You can write a new review - For this, select "New Review" option and it will ask you to upload an image, description of the product, link of the product from where you have purchased it and also all the links to your social media accounts.
  3. You can also directly pull reviews from Instagram - For this, you have to include the hashtag #pikreview into your Instagram posts. This will directly pull the reviews from your Instagram account and posts on PikReview.
You can always find all your uploaded posts at one place. This will give you a clear idea of the posts you have uploaded.

And you can also easily share your review to your Facebook account.

3.How it is going to help bloggers/influencers:

You can pull traffic to your blog, social media accounts through PikReview. While uploading your review, as I said above, it will ask all the links to your social media accounts. So, If you mention them, you will be at the benefit.

As shown in the above picture, all the links will be displayed on your review. So if someone finds your review genuine and interesting, they will definitely visit, like/follow your accounts which help in your growth.

4. Helping people who are not into blogging:

This is a great platform even for the people who are not into blogging.
  1. You can have an idea about the new products/brands released in the market.
  2. You can get genuine information(review) about many of your favorite products.
  3. All the reviews are given only after trying them personally by the people who uploaded them.
  4. You can also find the link to the product, so no need to worry about the availability of the product you want to try.
  5. You can also give it a try by uploading your opinion on any of your favorite products as this is a free platform and a simple sign up can do the job.
  6. This is an All in One platform where you can find reviews of a wide range of products.
5. My Personal Experience with PikReview:

It is an amazing platform for budding bloggers like us. For the professions where continuous learning is a must, PikReview community is a blessing. I have met wonderful people in this community who are very helping in nature. They share every information on anything they knew without hesitation. Daily we can learn new things if we keep on interacting with people like this. We are a community sharing and growing together. 

If you find this article useful and informative, do follow PikReview on their social media accounts: Instagram, Facebook

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