Thursday, 22 December 2016

VLCC Punarnava Astringent - Review

Hey, all!!!
We are back with another product review. As we told in our previous Winter care post, we must change our skincare routine for winters. I have also changed mine. So this review is about the toner which I gave a try this winter season. It is VLCC punarnava astringent which is easily available and affordable too. As said earlier, I have an oily and sensitive skin. Let us go in detail into the product review to know more.

Product Description: This unique astringent enriched with the natural goodness of Almond, Lemon, Honey and Aloe Vera extracts deeply cleanses, tones and refreshes the skin. It helps in tightening pores and also works as an antiseptic astringent thereby preventing the breakout of pimples in oily skin.
The method of use: After cleansing, apply VLCC Punarnava Astringent with moist cotton all over the face and neck.

For better results: Use this astringent every day after cleansing your face and follow up with VLCC Lavang Moisturizer.

Skin Type: Normal to Oily skin
Shelf Life: 3yrs
MRP: 140/- for 100ml (I bought it for 100/- on

My Personal experience with VLCC Punarnava Astringent:
This astringent comes in a small white bottle which is very travel-friendly. The cap is very tight and it doesn't leak a single drop of the product from inside. This liquid comes in green color.
My first impression after seeing this bottle was - Oh cute!!
When I opened the cap, for the fragrance I was like - Oh nooo!!!!
After my first usage, I felt - OMG!!!!!!
It burned a lot as soon as I kept the cotton ball with this astringent on my face. Immediately my face became red(which became normal after 4-5mins). But I just wanted to give it a try as we cannot decide about any product by using just once. I have used this astringent for about 1 month. It makes your facial skin feel fresh after applying. It effectively prevents the skin breakouts. I haven't seen any change in my pores size, about which this product claims.


  • Easily Available
  • Affordable
  • Prevents skin breakouts effectively
  • Travel Friendly
  • Makes the skin feel fresh for few minutes
Cons :
  • The fragrance is very strong
  • Not at all suitable for sensitive skin
  • Burns the skin a lot
  • Makes you teary eyed if applied more or very near to the eye
PPD Rating: 2.5/5

Final Words:  I don't want to buy it again as I didn't like the product even though its cheap and easily available. It doesn't suit my oily and sensitive skin. 

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