Monday, 21 November 2016

Personalized gifts : DIY Photo Magnets

Personalized gifts are always special, They express our love and care to our dear ones.We usually spend more money on them. 
Today we are going to make one of the personalized gifts, Photo magnets. These Personalized magnet sets can turn an ordinary refrigerator into a collage of precious memories.

They turn out as good gifts for Birthday, Anniversary, Friendship day, Father’s day, Mother’s day, Christmas and many more. They make any occasion more memorable.

Today we are going to prepare those magnets for almost free ❤♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Hurrayy!!!.
It’s a very simple process with some basic supplies.

Photo Magnets

Follow the super easy steps below to make of your own!


·         Cardboard boxes pieces
·         Photo prints
·         Scissors
·         Small magnets or magnet pieces
·         Brush or sponge to apply glue
·         Metal caps of bottles
·         Liquid glue
·         Satin ribbons
·         Pen for tracing
·         Modpodge (optional)

Step One: Take the cardboard piece and trace out the shape of the lid on the cardboard and on your desired photo with a pen . Here I used metal caps of used pickle bottles

Step Two: Cut the trace drawn on the cardboard and photos. Using a scissor or blade to cut them into roundels

Step Three : Apply the glue using a sponge or brush and paste the photo cut on the cardboard cut piece and press it for while.

Step Four: Apply Glue onto the cap and paste the cardboard photo on the back side of cap. Use the following sequence to stick the photo,cardboard and metal cap

Step Five : Dry out them for 10-15 minutes and now attach the magnets to them on front side. I use one side sticker magnets which can be used on any plastic or wooden surface also. You can use normal magnet pieces which are good with metal caps.

Step six : I used satin ribbons to cover the edges so that they look more colorful and bright.

I would like to introduce all a special supply called Modpodge. This is a waterbase sealer,Glue and finish Isolant. Its color is white and has a glue kind of texture.This can be used for many crafts which I will show you in next posts.

Step seven : Apply a thick layer of Modpodge (Gloss version) on the Photo magnet and leave it aside for 1 hour then you can see that it dries out to form a laminated transparent glass like layer which protects the magnet from scratches and gives the perfect finish as that you buy from the store.

In the below picture I applied the Modpodge to the magnets.Its a transparent layer so its not captured in the pics clearly.

This is an optional step which adds up the piece, With out this also the magnets look beautiful.

Christmas is coming!!! Gift one of these to your loved ones. Giving such personally made gifts adds up more love to you Dear ones.

Try out with different shapes and sizes Do post your comments after preparing one for yourself.


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