Tuesday, 25 October 2016



Are you planning to decorate the door for your own kids or your classroom students?? So this post is for you. They are going to joy over with this silly Halloween door decoration! Super easy & inexpensive to make.
Follow the steps below to make one of your own :


Green Rectangular plastic table cover
Four white A4 sheets 
Four black colored papers
Clear transparent sheet
Five white A4 Sheets for Triangular cuts
Black colored tape   
White yarn 
Glue stick


Step 1: Using the tape, Attach the table cloth without any wrinkles on the door.

Step 2: For the Flag banners, cut the A4 size white papers into 12 triangles with 9" perpendicular height. Cut the piece of yarn as per the length of your door. Place the piece of yarn beneath and glue the six triangular cuts adjacently with a glue stick. Make two of them.

Step 3: For the eye,consider A4 size white papers and cut four 8" diameter roundels. For eyeball,cut four 4" diameter roundels with black paper and clear sheet. Now stick the clear sheet on black one and then together on white roundels. Repeat this step 4 times to prepare 4 eyes.

Step 4: Attach them on the green door as shown in the picture and use black tape to represent eyebrows & wounds on the door.

Now Our simple Diy Halloween door decor is ready .It will take just 2 hours to complete the whole process.

Halloween is never complete without treats :)
Here are some Fun Halloween Treats which are very easy to try :

Boo-Nana Ghost treats:

I used treat sticks for the body and peppercorns for eyes .You can also use mini chocolate chips for eyes.

Orange Pumpkin Halloween treats:

I used permanent marker to mark eyes and teeth on Oranges.

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