Monday, 31 October 2016

Magical Chocolate Pops

 Have you ever thought of making Chocolate pops at home. They are very easy to make and every one would love them. My son loves them a lot. Whenever we visit shopping malls, My son will just stop at one particular shop and does not come up on forward with me....Guessed it!!!!! Yes thats gonna be the candy shop....Hahah,..
    So I decided to give him a surprise...Magical Chocolate pops which with just melt away in your mouth
Follow the super easy steps below to make of your own!

Chocolate Pops


·         Chocolate Morsels or Chips - 1 cup
·         One Zip-lock cover
·         Non-Stick Parchment paper sheets
·         Pop Sticks
·         Gems or M&Ms , Almonds slices, Walnut pieces
·         Rubber band to tie
·         Large tray to freeze

Step One: We need to prepare Melted Tempered Chocolate. This process includes the following steps
  • Break block chocolate into small pieces or use chocolate chips. This enables the chocolate to melt more easily. I have used small chocolate Morsels. My choice of flavor is Milk Chocolate.
  • Put ¾ th of the chocolate into the bowl and melt for one-minute in intervals, Stir the Chocolate mixture in between each interval soon after taking out from microwave . 
  • Add remaining chocolate in small amounts while stirring. Be sure that the pieces are completely melted before adding more. 
  • The chocolate will thicken and become cool, shiny and smooth as you continue stirring it by adding additional small amounts. Now microwave the chocolate mixture for 30 seconds more and now tempered Chocolate mixture is ready to work with.             

Step Two:  Add the mixture to the Zip-lock cover and try making a cone. Finally tie a rubber band so that the cone will last tight to hold.

Step Three : Place the parchment paper on a tray and now squeeze the cone and draw your desired shapes like Concentric circles, Perpendicular lines to make check square and all the shapes you would love to have.

Step Four: Generously drop off the toppings to make them even more rich in taste. Attach the pop sticks to your pops and add more chocolate on the top of stick to make it hold firm and tight.

Step Five : Freeze them for 10 minutes and now they are easy to remove with your both hands.

Yummy treats are ready...I bet you they will just melt off in your mouth.

They can be packed and given away like treats too or kept this way at parties

Candy treats

Here goes my son Shaurya enjoying the pops. He loved it a lot...He completed four of them at a time..

  1. Use a plastic microwave safe bowl to melt the chocolate rather than glass bowl because plastic can retain up the heat for more time.
  2. Microwave the chocolate in intervals of 15 seconds to make sure that the chocolate does not get over burnt.

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Thursday, 27 October 2016

DIY Diwali Diya Stand

Diwali is the most exciting festivals in India. Everybody will be so excited for Diwali irrespective of their age. The reason for excitement will vary from person to person.But the reason why I am so excited about Diwali is for the outfits, colors & lights but not for crackers. I always celebrate Diwali by dressing up well, lightening as many diyas as possible and by doing home decor.
So, I came up with the idea of simple and easy DIY diya stand which will add more colors and lighting to your home.

Stationery needed :
  • Cylindrical hard cardboard
  • CD's - 4
  • Acrylic colors
  • Diyas
  • Glue glitter - Gold color
  • Glue
  • Painting brush
  • Small sized white kundans in round shape
  • Toothpick
  • Tweezer
     Here cardboard acts as stand. We are going to use one CD as the base for stand and remaining 3 CD's on the top of the stand as diya holders.

Procedure :

1. Take your cardboard, diyas, CD's and paint them all with acrylic colors of your choice. Keep aside and let them dry.
( I have painted my stand using two different colors. So for base CD, you have to select the color same as the color used at the bottom of the stand and remaining 3 CD's in one color)

2. For the glittery look, I have applied glitter glue in swirl motion around the stand. Leave the stand aside to let the glue dry out completely.

3. Take the 3 CD's and place them one above another to form a flower like shape. If you are satisfied with the shape, then stick them with the help of glue.

4. Now take a toothpick and apply glue in small dots along the edges of the CD and with the help of tweezers, place the kundans on the glue.

5. Now stick the base CD to the bottom of the stand and place the CD flower on the top of the stand.

Voila..!! Your DIY Diya stand is ready. :)

            Place diyas / tea light candles / LED diyas on the center hole of the CD's. You can place the stand in the center of Rangoli or any corner of your house or even make two of them and keep on either side of pooja mandir.

Here are few pictures of my diya stand :

with lights ON

with lights OFF

from top

How to re-use this stand after Diwali :

         Just place the CD flower on the top of the stand. Don't stick it. So that it can be used in the following ways :

1. CD flower can be used as a wall hanging or as a coaster.
2. Stand can be used as a flower vase by adding fresh/plastic flowers to it.

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Tuesday, 25 October 2016



Are you planning to decorate the door for your own kids or your classroom students?? So this post is for you. They are going to joy over with this silly Halloween door decoration! Super easy & inexpensive to make.
Follow the steps below to make one of your own :


Green Rectangular plastic table cover
Four white A4 sheets 
Four black colored papers
Clear transparent sheet
Five white A4 Sheets for Triangular cuts
Black colored tape   
White yarn 
Glue stick


Step 1: Using the tape, Attach the table cloth without any wrinkles on the door.

Step 2: For the Flag banners, cut the A4 size white papers into 12 triangles with 9" perpendicular height. Cut the piece of yarn as per the length of your door. Place the piece of yarn beneath and glue the six triangular cuts adjacently with a glue stick. Make two of them.

Step 3: For the eye,consider A4 size white papers and cut four 8" diameter roundels. For eyeball,cut four 4" diameter roundels with black paper and clear sheet. Now stick the clear sheet on black one and then together on white roundels. Repeat this step 4 times to prepare 4 eyes.

Step 4: Attach them on the green door as shown in the picture and use black tape to represent eyebrows & wounds on the door.

Now Our simple Diy Halloween door decor is ready .It will take just 2 hours to complete the whole process.

Halloween is never complete without treats :)
Here are some Fun Halloween Treats which are very easy to try :

Boo-Nana Ghost treats:

I used treat sticks for the body and peppercorns for eyes .You can also use mini chocolate chips for eyes.

Orange Pumpkin Halloween treats:

I used permanent marker to mark eyes and teeth on Oranges.

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